Small Business Advice You Can Use: The Best Tips Overheard So Far at GEWKC 2021

Global Entrepreneurship Week – Kansas City
 is rockin’ and rollin’. If you haven’t been able to register and add events to your agenda yet, it’s not too late! Explore events and register here. (Use the Chrome browser; the Microsoft Edge browser has some bugs on the registration page.)

Here are some of the highlights and best advice we heard from Day 1 and 2. (Sorry … well, not sorry … if we’re creating a bit of FOMO):

GEWKC and Anchor Island Coffee

Coffee Connect

First thing on Day 1, we sipped some java at four KC coffee shops and met some new folks. We also heard about resources and helpful experts in KC that can move your business forward. TV stations even came out to catch some of the action.

Top Tip: Take advantage of networking opportunities. You never know who could open a new door for your business.

A host presents at GEWKC 2021

New-Normal Hiring: Revamping Your Talent Strategy for 2021 and Beyond

Top Tip: Good culture fit is not a mirror of current employees, but instead, it’s about finding someone who fills the gaps. The most valuable skill from a new hire is the ability and humility to ask for help. -Leah Freeman, LaunchCode

Meditation and Mindfulness Practices for the Stressed-Out Entrepreneur

Top Tip: Meditation can increase your focus, boost your energy, improve your ability to process information and allow intuition to flow. All you need is a few minutes each day before you start to see the benefits. -Christi Clemons Hoffman, Radiate Wellness

GEWKC attendees network

4 Essentials of How to Get a Small Business Loan Approved

Top Tip: Understand that getting a small business loan isn’t just about getting money. It’s about creating a relationship. Find a bank that wants to work with you and will work for you.Natalie Santonil, South Central Kansas Economic Development District Inc.

Flawless Execution for Scaling Up

Top Tip: To scale, you need these key ingredients: An execution plan, the right team and communication. -Dr. Frumi Rachel Barr, Scale Up Advisors

10 Steps to Selling Your Food Product in Stores

Top Tip: Like with many things in entrepreneurship, making connections is key. Developing relationships with distributors, FDA, commercial kitchens, resources at universities, etc., will make your life much easier down the road. -Xander Winkel, Ennovation Center via Square One Small Business Services by Mid-Continent Public Library

How to Start a Business Q&A (Legal + Accounting)

Top Tip: “Don’t ignore the legal and accounting stuff. Talk to a professional even if it’s just an hourlong planning session. Tackling this up front will make your life easier.” -Chris Brown, Pixel Law

GEWKC attendees meet up

Avoid Getting Bitten: 10 Actions to Avoid Bad Contractors

Top Tip: Listen to what references don’t say: If they are saying things like, “Better than I expected, exceeded my expectations,” then that contractor might not be right for you. And don’t say, “Can I pick your brain,” to others. If you want to actually talk to someone, be specific about what advice you are looking for. –Spark KC

There’s PLENTY more where that came from. There’s still time for you to check out a session, make some new connections, learn about help for your business and more! It all starts at

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