You build this city . . .

When you start a business or grow one, when you #ShopLocalKC, when you invest in a startup, when you connect an entrepreneur to a resource, when you reach out for help with your idea, when you provide training to a business owner—all of you help strengthen our economy and make Kansas City a great place to live, work and play.

Because when you choose KC, you create KC.

We Create KC 2019
Kansas City's state of entrepreneurship report, is a call to action for the entire Kansas City community to step up, reach out and help advance entrepreneurship and innovation in Kansas City. Because we are better when we are connected.

In this year's state of entrepreneurship report, you'll find:

  • why entrepreneurship matters to our Kansas City economy and our future

  • a numeric breakdown of the four types of entrepreneurs who contribute to the Kansas City economy

  • three things every entrepreneur needs

  • three ways you can advance entrepreneurship in Kansas City

  • the quantifiable impact of Kansas City startups (defined as first-time employers with fewer than 20 employees) through the number of jobs they create

  • the capital continuum and the impact early-stage investment programs have on later-stage investments and firms

  • examples of how corporations can engage with Kansas City's startup ecosystem

And then click on the sections below to see more data about Kansas City entrepreneurship including: 

  • the economic contribution in the number of jobs and amount of wages from KC startups

  • the number of equity investments and grants into KC-based companies as well as the amount invested in KC startups

  • the number of investors from Kansas City that are investing in KC companies as compared with investors from outside of Kansas City

  • the types of regional innovations that will define our future

  • a list of Kansas City companies to watch based on funding in 2017 and 2018



Have questions about how you can get connected to KC entrepreneurship? Just give us a call at 816-235-6500.



Through the Entrepreneur Dashboard, KCSourceLink measures the vibrancy and vitality of KC's entrepreneurial ecosystem with these benchmarks.

Click on the icons below  to track Kansas City's progress on improving capital for entrepreneurs, increasing entrepreneurial density and connectivity and growing innovative ideas and talent right here at home.
Corporate Engagement

Corporate Engagement

How can corporations, universities and entrepreneurs better work together to advance KC entrepreneurship?

We Create Jobs | KCSourceLink Report on Job Contribution from KC Startups


How do KC entrepreneurs impact our economy?



Who funds KC companies and who gets funded?

Stem Workforce

Innovation Pipeline

Are we growing the ideas and talent to support high-growth entrepreneurship?

Kansas City Watch List of Startup and Small Businesses

KC Watch List

Which KC startups and companies
are receiving funding?

Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Reports

Ecosystem Reports

How is Kansas City progressing toward becoming
America's most entrepreneurial city? Download the reports
on jobs, capital, entrepreneurship, programs and more.


Kansas City is leaving millions of dollars on the table in federal and private funding that could fuel early-stage startups, create jobs and spur economic growth.

The good news: action steps to fill the gaps in the early-stage finance continuum are clear. Kansas City needs to strengthen the funding infrastructure, build the experience needed to pursue federal funding and connect investors with entrepreneurs and with other investors.

With We Create Capital, KCSourceLink has outlined a community action plan to help Kansas City build the capacity and the continuum to support early-stage entrepreneurship—a critical step toward making KC America’s most entrepreneurial city.

Download this year's summary of We Create Capital or submit your information to receive a link to the full 2017 report and action plan. 

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