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Global Entrepreneurship Week - Kansas City.

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Finding Your Toddler Ambition: A Different Approach to Entrepreneurship

Get Your Local Business on Google Search & Maps

Kick Butt Conferencing: Get Everything You Want Out of GEW While Avoiding Fatigue, Frazzle, and FOMO!

Do Not Hire Your First Sales Person Until You Attend This Event

How to Use Your 401(k) or IRA as Business Startup Capital

The Power of Affirmations - Creating Affirmations That Won't Set Off Your BS Alarms

Designing Impact for Social Acceleration

: 1-2-3 Rural Entrepreneurs! -- Start Here. Grow Here. Stay Here.

Are You Running Your Business or Is It Running You?

Funding Options for Small Businesses

Keynote: What Hollywood Can Teach Any Business about Pivoting with Film Critic Shawn Edwards and KC Film Commissioner Steph Scupham Prime-Time Event

Guided Networking Prime-Time Event

How to Start a Business Prime-Time Event

HR Strategies for Hiring and Supporting a Diverse Workforce Prime-Time Event

Is Diverse Business Certification Right for You? Prime-Time Event

Solopreneurship 101 Prime-Time Event

Build Your Brand from the Heart and the Head. Brand Identity Brainstorming Will Get You There Prime-Time Event

Marketing and Social Media in 2020 for Founders Prime-Time Event

Who the Heck Am I Even Selling to? 5 Tips You'll Want to Steal to Build Your Customer Persona Prime-Time Event

The Exchange: Marketing Prime-Time Event

1 Pandemic, 2 Sector Impacts: How These Entrepreneurs Pivoted for Success Prime-Time Event

Small Business, Big Voice Prime-Time Event

Virtual Networking for Weirdos and Other Social Pariahs Prime-Time Event

When the Music Stops: Using Technology to Pivot During Unexpected Change Prime-Time Event

The Innovators Happy Hour with IHKC and UMKC

Shark Tank Winner Shares Secrets of The Deep

Cash Is More Than a Static Number Prime-Time Event

Financial Literacy Prime-Time Event

How to Access Alternative Financing Prime-Time Event

The ABCs of Equity Financing Prime-Time Event

Your What, Why and How of Your Business

The Exchange: Funding Prime-Time Event

Keynote: Attention is the New Currency with Aaron Fulk Prime-Time Event

Midday Reset with True Love Yoga Prime-Time Event

Respect Gets the Job Done: How Diversity Can Help Your Business Prime-Time Event

The Care and Feeding of the Small Business Owner Prime-Time Event

Uncomplicated Healthy Living: Feel Good, Get Results, Focus on What Matters Prime-Time Event

Grow Your Mutually Supportive Ecosystem to Grow Your Business Prime-Time Event

Leveraging Video for Your Brand on a Bootstrapped Budget Prime-Time Event

Pitch Contest

Successfully Pivot Your In-Person Business into a Virtual Experience Prime-Time Event

Using Social Capital to Maximize Business Outputs and Outcomes Prime-Time Event

Mesa Redonda con Engage Insurance: Cómo Identificar la Protección de su Empresa Prime-Time Event

Overcoming Overwhelm:

Local Food - Online Sales How-To

Trivia – GEWKC Style

Celebrating the 1st NeXt Stage KC Cohort

Black Women in Tech: A Community Conversation

Conquering Culture for Entrepreneurs

A Day in the Life of a Food Business Prime-Time Event

A Day in the Life of a Hispanic Business Owner in KC Prime-Time Event

Crafting My Own Life Narrative Prime-Time Event

Blind Spots: What Keeps Strategic Partners and Investors from Supporting Black-Founded Businesses? Prime-Time Event

Problem Solving and Idea Mastermind Prime-Time Event

Should You Hold ‘Em or Fold ‘Em? Prime-Time Event

Which of KC’s 240+ Nonprofit Resources Can Help Your Business? Prime-Time Event

Keynote: No More Excuses. Own Your Results! with Marquita Miller Prime-Time Event

Sit Still Move Faster - Add Rocket Fuel To Your Day Through Meditation


The Freelance Exchange of KC Portfolio Showcase + Panel Discussion

Do you Want to Start Your Own Business or Grow an Existing One?

Los Recursos de las SBA

Starting Your Business in a Rural Market

Tips on Reducing Financial Distress & Avoiding Bankruptcy for Small Business Owners

GEW After Hours Networking - East Forty Brewing

Post-GEW processing -Ideas, Connections, and Goals, Oh MY!

UCM's Mixed Media Studio Launch

Procrastination Nation- Harness the Power of Putting Things Off!

The Entrepreneurial Mindset Profile® (EMP)

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