GEWKC attendees mingle after a session.

10 Reasons You’ve Gotta Attend Global Entrepreneurship Week – Kansas City

It’s the same old question: What’s in it for me? With Global Entrepreneurship Week – Kansas City, the answer is: PLENTY!

If you’re wondering why you should go to GEWKC Nov. 13-19 (in-person base camp is Nov. 15-17), we compiled a list of some pretty great reasons, and we bet by the time you’re done reading this, you’ll be ready to sign up and create your agenda. We limited our list of must-attend reasons to just 10, but the opportunities for learning, networking and growth are endless.

1. Find inspiration.

There’s something about surrounding yourself with dreamers and doers. Their enthusiasm and magic can rub off, leaving you energized and filled with exciting ideas. GEWKC is like that. Check out the complete schedule.

2. Build your network.

Thousands of people come to GEWKC from around the metro and beyond. These people can help you start and scale your venture. Don’t miss the opportunity to connect in person.

3. Bolster KC’s economic development.

The jobs created by entrepreneurs are no joke. On average, Kansas City startups create more than 16,000 jobs every year! That kind of economic growth benefits us all, and you can help make it happen.

4. Learn new skills.

Whether you need pointers on pitching, assistance with accounting or guidance on any of the gazillion issues facing small businesses, there’s a session for you. And we even labeled each section to help with your stage of business, no matter if you’re just starting out, looking to scale or want to master marketing. Plan your agenda now.

5. Make lasting connections.

GEWKC is the perfect opportunity to meet like-minded people, touch base with familiar folks in your network and strengthen the relationships that make business work. You never know when a key mentor, customer or partner may emerge.

6. Find the programs that can help you meet your goals.

Kansas City is home to more than 230 organizations that can help you start or grow your business. GEWKC is a great way to get to know these Resource Partners, as well as learn from other entrepreneurs who have worked with them.

7. Support Kansas City’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

When you attend GEWKC, you’re part of KC’s thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem. There’s a lot you can gain, but others can learn from your experience, too. Join the small business community that innovates and rises together.

8. Get expert guidance.

The presenters are GEWKC are the real deal, and they’re ready to share the knowledge they’ve gained through years of experience. Attend a session with a specialist and apply your new know-how to your business.

9. Be a part of something big.

GEWKC isn’t just something we threw together for Kansas City (although Global Entrepreneurship Week did start here.) It’s one of hundreds of celebrations around the world that support and empower entrepreneurs. When you’re part of GEWKC, you’re part of a global network of millions of people in 170 countries.

10. Have fun!

GEWKC is the best party in town. Sign up, build your schedule and find out for yourself!

Ready to learn more? Find out about base camp at Plexpod Westport at Park 39. Sign up and create your personalized GEWKC agenda. And eavesdrop on some key takeaways from previous GEWKC celebrations.

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