10 Reasons Why You Should Go to Global Entrepreneurship Week – KC

Wondering what you can get out of Global Entrepreneurship Week – Kansas City? Glad you asked: We’ve got 10 reasons that’ll show you exactly all the awesome you can squeeze out of a single week.

Click on these links if you wanna learn more about base camp as well as how to sign up and build your agenda.

1. Help raise awareness about Kansas City entrepreneurship.

Help those you know in Kansas City realize the huge role startups and small businesses play in strengthening the economy, right here in KC.

2. Improve your business skills.

No matter if you’re pitching, preparing or strengthening your business plan, a class or workshop at GEWKC can get you ready for the big time. There are over 200 events that’ll teach you useful stuff, like how to crush your marketing goals, run a food truck, get funding, manage like a boss, start a nonprofit (whew!) and hundreds of other real-world topics.

3. Network with like-minded entrepreneurs and business pros

The awesome people you’ll meet at GEWKC can help you start and scale your venture. Plus, the event draws thousands of people from around the metro and beyond. It’s a chance to connect with other entrepreneurs in-person whom you otherwise might not meet.

> > > Pardon the interruption: With more than 200 events, you need a plan. So build your agenda, and get the most out of this FREE week of great stuff for entrepreneurs.

4. Make connections that last

People you meet at GEWKC might be key connections who can help you with your entrepreneurial journey—they might impart a key piece of advice, become a vital business mentor or customer or be the spark for that vital connection that’ll help you start or grow your venture.


5. Help bolster Kansas City’s entrepreneurial community.

Friends don’t let friends do GEWKC alone. Build your network and build your community by inviting your friends, neighbors, business mentors, colleagues … whoever those key supporters are in your entrepreneurial journey—because everyone knows at least one person someone else should meet. Entrepreneurship isn’t a solitary journey.

6. Learn about Kansas City’s entrepreneurial ecosystem

Kansas City has more than 230 resources that can help you start or grow your business. GEWKC can be a great introduction to that network and to KC entrepreneurs. Build that agenda now.

7. Encourage economic development and stability

Kansas City startups create an average of 16,413 jobs each year. Learn how you can be part of or support that movement.


8. Help make KC the most entrepreneurial city in the U.S.

When you get involved with #GEWKC, you’re supporting #startupkc culture and helping solidify that strong network of entrepreneurs and resources in the city.

9. Join something bigger than yourself

When you attend Global Entrepreneurship Week, you’re joining in a movement that’s not only local but also a global network of millions of people in 170 countries around the world. And your GEWKC journey begins by signing up and building your agenda.

10. It’s gonna be fun!

So build your schedule, and put #GEWKC on your calendar already!


Don’t want to wait for GEW? Call KCSourceLink today at 816-235-6500, or tell us a bit about yourself here, and we’ll craft your personal action plan (it’s always free) to help you take that next (or first) step on your entrepreneurial journey.


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