The Insiders’ Guide: Get the Most out of Global Entrepreneurship Week – Kansas City

Global Entrepreneurship Week – Kansas City, aka #GEWKC, is one of the most magical times of the year (in our humble opinion). From Nov. 18-22, business owners, aspiring entrepreneurs and inquisitive folks can attend more than 200 classes, panels and workshops dedicated to all things entrepreneurship for free right here in Kansas City. Everyone is welcome, and there is absolutely no-cost to attend.

This is your time to meet folks from all walks of life in the KC entrepreneurial ecosystem. You’ll be bumping elbows with investors, makers, serial entrepreneurs, educators, established business owners, newbies and everyone else in between. Take advantage of this time and meet as many people as you can.

For many business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs, this is where they make big networking connections or become inspired. Share this event with every hustler, maker, doer, creator, entrepreneur you know! Grab a friend and take them to a session with you. 


Because there are so many things happening this week, you might feel overwhelmed, especially if this is your first time at #GEWKC. No worries, in true KCSourceLink fashion, we’re here to help you. We put together this unofficial guide on what you need to know about GEW.

Don’t forget to read over the FAQ. Still confused? Send us a message.

Now let’s dive in.

Class is in session

The week will go by fast, so you want to be prepared. Register (for free) and build your agenda from over 200 events.

Forgot to register online? Don’t sweat it. From Nov. 18-22, you can also visit the registration desk inside the first floor of the Black Archives of Mid-America Kansas City. We’ll need your name, email address and ZIP code, and you’re set.

All of the events are crowdsourced from the community and span topics on everything from marketing to exporting to self-care to legal assistance; if it’s related to business, there’s a session for it.

The events are grouped into four tracks: Makers and Creators, Startups, Scalers and Social Enterprise. You can attend any of these events, no matter your background, so don’t feel like you’re tied to one track.

Everything You Need to Know about Global Entrepreneurship Week Kansas City

Here’s a quick breakdown of the tracks and what they mean:

Makers and Creators: those who make and create, such as brewers, bakers, inventors, crafters, etc.
Startups: those who want to dip their toes into a new business venture or need help navigating
business ownership
Scalers: those who’ve survived the startup phase but haven’t yet reached maturity and are eager to grow their business
Social Enterprise: those who want to maximize their business for social and environmental well-being as well as profits
Tech: those who are leveraging tech to disrupt and industry and need resources and funding that move as fast as they do

Did we mention there are a lot of classes? With more than 200 events, it can be hard to pick which sessions to attend. Check out the featured sessions on Page 3 of the #GEWKC calendar for the top headliner events to check out.

Here are a few headliner events you don’t want to miss:

#GEWKC Kickoff Breakfast: Monday, 7:30 – 9 a.m.
Cheers to Entrepreneurship Happy Hour: Monday, 4:30 – 6 p.m.
Rise Up, Get Started Entrepreneurship Showcase: Monday, 6 – 7:30 p.m.
Young Entrepreneurs Showcase: Tuesday, 9 a.m. – 2 p.m.
Novel Day events: Wednesday, 8 a.m. – 7:30 p.m.
Food Business Day events: Thursday, 8 a.m. – 7:30 p.m.
GEWKC Funding Showcase: Thursday, 4 – 5:30 p.m.
#GEWKC Wrap-up Celebration on Friday, 6 – 7:30 p.m.

Going to one of these events? Make sure everyone knows you’re hyped by RSVPing “yes” and sharing on Facebook.

Not sure which events to attend next? Ask the KCSourceLink folks at the registration desk or anyone in a purple volunteer shirt for suggestions. Better yet, ask a fellow attendee.

If you’re in  an event and realize it’s over your head or not what you expected, it’s totally cool to walk out and find a different session. Attend as many or as few events as you want. Sessions run from morning to evening so everyone can participate.

What to bring

A lot of attendees make an entire day or week out of #GEWKC. We highly recommend carving out a large chunk of your own time to make sure you can attend as many sessions as you can.

Did we mention you’ll be busy? Make sure you have everything you need for the best time at #GEWKC.

Here’s what you need to bring:

    • Business cards: You’ll meet so many different people. Make sure you bring enough business cards (at least 50) so you can follow up with your new connections.
    • Your GEW calendar: Grab a paper calendar at the registration desk or download it. Mark all of the classes you want to attend and so you don’t miss anything. Write your name on your calendar so you don’t lose it.
    • A notepad: You’ll probably need a notebook to write down all your thoughts and those “aha!” moments.
    • Your phone: Share what you learn with those who couldn’t make it. Rising tides lift all boats. Lift some boats.

Everything You Need to Know about Global Entrepreneurship Week Kansas City

What to Do and Where to Go

Outside of attending sessions, here are some key locations for extra #GEWKC awesomeness:

Ask all the questions.
Learn something new and want to get help implementing what you just learned? Head over to the KCSourceLink booth in the Black Archives of Mid-America, and the friendly folks will be able to assist you. 

Grab a bite. Be entertained.
Explore Kansas City’s 18th and Vine District and be sure to flash your badge for discounts and deals at Bayou on the Vine, Soiree Steak and Oyster House, Smaxx, Negro Leagues Baseball Museum and the American Jazz Museum. Grab a bite and chat with fellow GEWKC-ers.

Everything You Need to Know about Global Entrepreneurship Week Kansas City

Don’t Lose Momentum

When #GEWKC ends, your brain is going to be stuffed with so many great ideas. Don’t lose them!

If you need to start or grow your business, visit the KCSourceLink Personal Action Plan desk to the left of the registration desk near the Medallion Theater. Your Personal Action Plan is a free customized list of resources curated just for your business needs. We’ll tell you exactly whom to talk to and the next steps to take so you can keep your business momentum growing.

Psst … you don’t have to wait until #GEWKC to get a Personal Action Plan. Fill out this form now, and you’ll have your plan in less than 24 business hours! Boom.

Wish this Could Happen All Year?

It does! There are free or low-cost business events happening all year long right here in KC. Go to the KCSourceLink calendar for Kansas City’s most comprehensive business calendar. Find networking events, marketing classes, legal help, HR courses and everything else in between happening all over the Kansas City metro.

Everything You Need to Know about Global Entrepreneurship Week Kansas City

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