5 Things We Read on the Internet about Entrepreneurs for Women’s History Month

5 Things We Read on the Internet about Entrepreneurs for Women’s History Month

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It’s Women’s History Month and we are kicking things off by digging into one of our favorite topics—female entrepreneurship.

Did you know women-owned businesses are creating more jobs than ever? In 2015, women-owned businesses had 8.9 million employees, up 4.2 percent from the year prior.

If you’re into stats (like we are,) keep an eye out for an infographic we have coming your way soon (sign up for our newsletter). In the meantime, let’s get the conversation started . . .  

Which Kansas City women business owners inspire you? What challenges do you believe female entrepreneurs face? We want to hear from you. Send us a message on Facebook with your thoughts.

To get your brain juices flowing, here are five things we read on the Internet that got us super pumped to celebrate female entrepreneurs during Women’s History Month:

1. 10 great tips to empower female entrepreneurs

Are you ready to take the leap and start your own business? From hand dyeing yarn to helping dogs stay healthy and clean, women entrepreneurs are taking steps to improve their communities. Here are 10 things to keep in mind as you hang your open sign on the door.  

2. Growing a business doesn’t have to be lonely (confusing or frustrating)

There are more than 250 organizations around Kansas City ready to provide assistance to entrepreneurs. Some provide assistance specific to women, like:

3. Hear what it takes to grow a business from women who have been there, done that

Who better to share what it takes to thrive as an entrepreneur than the women who are in the thick of it. Here are just a few of our favorite podcast episodes featuring inspiring Kansas City women business owners:

4. Seven challenges women entrepreneurs face (and how to overcome them)

Although more women are embracing entrepreneurship, they often face challenges not typically shared by their male counterparts. To shed light on some of these disparities, female CEOs spoke with Business News Daily about the key challenges women entrepreneurs face and how to overcome them.

5. Check out these Kansas City Women growing entrepreneurship in Kansas City

The Women Who Mean Business program honors the top-ranking women in the Kansas City business community. We are excited to see our very own Maria Meyers on the list, as well these awesome ladies who we are proud to call friends and Resource Partners:

What do you have for women entrepreneurs?

Glad you asked. As the go-to for KC entrepreneurship, we can plug you into the right course, mentor, organization or group for your small business, startup, passion project, side hustle or idea in the making.

Just give us a call at 816-235-6500 or fill out your request over here at www.kcsourcelink.com/myplan. We’ll develop a Personalized Action Plan to help connect with resources and opportunities, so you can hit that next milestone.

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