Beyond Touchdowns: How Chiefs Wins Drive Economic Prosperity in Kansas City

Kansas City Chiefs fans at the 2023 NFL Draft in Kansas City, Missouri

Beyond Touchdowns: How Chiefs Wins Drive Economic Prosperity in Kansas City

When the Chiefs win, so does Kansas City.

To win another Super Bowl title this year — the fourth in franchise history and the third by the team in the past five years — would not only energize the city’s already passionate fan base, but the economy as well.

Let’s break it down a bit. When the Chiefs clinch a victory, it’s not just the fans who are celebrating; local businesses get a boost, too. Whether it’s a spontaneous decision to grab some celebratory snacks, a new jersey to commemorate the win or a last-minute gathering at a local bar to soak in the glory with fellow fans, the dollars to local businesses start flowing.

Just last week, the Chiefs put out a press release saying the organization’s spending has resulted in nearly $1 billion in economic impact for the region. The team said the nearly $1 billion in economic activity has supported nearly 6,000 jobs annually, and the Chiefs have generated about $28.8 million in direct, indirect and induced tax revenue for Missouri annually.

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Fueling creativity: How Chiefs wins benefit makers and artists

The demand for Chiefs-themed artwork following Chiefs wins also provides makers and artists with a platform to showcase their skills to a broader audience. Local artisans and creators witness a huge surge in sales as their crafted memorabilia and merch become popular items for dedicated fans.

Following the Chiefs victory over the Ravens on Sunday night, local shops from all around the metro — including Charlie Hustle, MADE MOBB, sewKC, Raygun and more — all rushed to get their new Chiefs gear up in their shops and ready to ship.

“I wish I could just hug every single (Chiefs player) and tell them thank you — not only for giving us this opportunity — but for just such a great atmosphere in our community,” said Jordan Betts, communications manager for Charlie Hustle in an interview with Startland News.

Winning sports teams can elevate city brands globally

Moreover, a winning sports team enhances the city’s brand and visibility on a national and global scale. When the Chiefs are in the spotlight, so is Kansas City.

Winning seasons, especially when they culminate in championship titles, can have a lasting impact on a city’s economy. The increased visibility that comes with being a champion attracts more visitors, leading to a boost in tourism. Fans from all corners of the country want to experience the winning spirit firsthand, and that means they’re booking hotels, buying tickets and spending money in local shops.

A sporting legacy can affirm trust in hosting major events

In the world of sports, cities with a rich sporting legacy can often find themselves in the spotlight as prime destinations for hosting major events.

In April 2023, Kansas City hosted the 2023 NFL Draft, and the event exceeded expectations when it came to its economic impact in Kansas City. According to Forbes, 312,000 people attended the 2023 NFL Draft, and the event generated $164.3 million for Kansas City. Initial estimates said the draft would bring over $100 million to the city.

Kansas City was officially named a FIFA World Cup 2026 host city, one of 16 bids cities selected across the United States, Mexico and Canada to host matches for the largest event in World Cup history.

In its bid to be a host city, Kansas City beat out several larger metro areas, including Orlando, Florida; Baltimore; and Washington, D.C. Kansas City will host six matches: four Group Stage matches, a Round of 32 match and a quarterfinal. The first game in KC is June 16, 2026.

More than a game

So, as we gear up for another Super Bowl for the Chiefs, remember that it’s not just about the game. It’s about the palpable energy that reverberates through every corner of Kansas City, from Arrowhead Stadium to the streets, neighborhoods and businesses that make up the diverse tapestry of KC.

Because when the Chiefs win, Kansas City wins – in more ways than one.

Here’s to the Chiefs, to Kansas City and to the enduring connection between sports triumphs and the prosperity of our metro. Go Chiefs!

Thumbnail courtesy of the Kansas City Chiefs. 

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