Have a Tech Startup but Can’t Code? 2 KC Product-Development Events Can Help

Have a Tech Startup but Can’t Code? 2 KC Product-Development Events Can Help

Not knowing how to code software shouldn’t stop a great idea from getting off the ground. Even non-technical founders can build a software-driven startup if they have a good idea and the right audience.

But how do you go about building an innovation-led startup if you don’t have the technical know-how?

Even if you’re not a technical founder, knowing the product development side of your innovative startup is key. While you don’t need to compete with professional developers, you do need to understand the technology on which your idea and your business operates and what components go into building a platform. That will help you communicate with your tech team to develop the right solution that serves your end goals and your market.

If those words “product development” make you a little uneasy, the Technology Venture Studio out of the UMKC Innovation Center has two opportunities in July to help you understand what software developers and vendors are looking for, what the product development process looks like and how to communicate your idea to those who will build the technology.

3:30 – 4:30 p.m. July 21 | But I Can’t Code: Product Development for Non-Tech Founders | In-Person

First up, Digital Sandbox KC’s Summer in the Sand gives entrepreneurs the chance to network and learn from some of the best in the industry. This power-packed session covers product development for non-technical founders and is tailored to address the needs of your early-stage startup.

Non-technical founders can hear from developers and technical experts about clearly defining the product scope and working with software developers and vendors to build products and bring concepts to life. Register for the in-person event here. The session will be held at the UMKC Innovation Center, 4747 Troost Ave., Kansas City, Missouri, in room 114.

Here are the panelists:

  • Darrell Blackburn, COO of Full Scale

  • Luis Florez Jr., managing partner and founder at AKCESS Management Group

  • Jonathan Horst, webflow developer

  • John Rake, founder of GorillaBot Labs

  • Sarah Schumacher, founder of Cyclone Press

  • Lee Zuvanich, CEO & founder of Adva Digital Solutions

For questions please email Chris Rehkamp at [email protected].

3 – 5 p.m. July 27-29 | Product Development Boot Camp | In-Person

Next up is the Product Development Boot Camp, a three-day deep dive into the product development process and what you can expect when working with software developers to create your product. This boot camp is for founders who have a vetted idea, but need help building out the technology. So if you’ve done most of the market research into your customers and the product or technology and are ready to find or start working with development partners, this boot camp is for you.

The three-day boot camp meets at the UMKC Innovation Center, 4747 Troost Ave., Kansas City, Missouri, in room 114.

Day 1: Problem and Solution Flowcharts
Understanding the workflow of your project can help you identify bottlenecks so you know what needs to be fixed and how to build a lean, mean MVP.

Day 2: Detailing Your Scope
Figure out what you want for your workflow, differentiate what you want the user to do and what you want the system to do and determine how those two entities will interact.

Day 3: Software Development in Detail
Explore the development lifecycle and the people who will be involved. Plus, determine what the scope of your software is.

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Photo courtesy of Christopher Burns via Unsplash.

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