Your Dollars Make a Difference: 10 Ways to Support KC Black-Owned Businesses

Your Dollars Make a Difference: 10 Ways to Support KC Black-Owned Businesses

In times like these, you might be wondering how you can get involved, make a difference and support equity among Kansas City entrepreneurs and small businesses.

One of the easiest ways to give back, show support and elevate black doers, dreamers, makers and innovators is to shop local. After all, it’s a proven way to energize the local economy, support jobs, support a greener environment and actually boost your bottom line as the customer. (All the benefits of shopping at local KC businesses are outlined here if you’re curious.)

And when you support black-owned businesses in the KC area, you’re taking that step toward promoting equality and funneling your dollars into businesses that give back and help support the community. Plus, your dollars are also a way to put your money to work supporting more equitable distribution for capital, fighting racism, closing the racial wealth gap and creating a level playing field for all small businesses. Plus, when black-owned businesses succeed, it’s a chance to inspire the next generation to pursue their dreams of entrepreneurship.

In that spirit, we’ve curated some great lists of black-owned businesses in the KC area that you can support, from restaurants to services to makers and beyond. And let us know if there’s a great list or directory we haven’t included here:

Mattie's Vegan Eats food truck in Independence, Missouri, in 2019

1. Troost Market Collective is a KC nonprofit that’s mission is to create equitable economic opportunities for creative entrepreneurs. The organization is adding to its growing list of black-owned businesses in a variety of industries from handmade, boutique, food, drink, services, nonprofits and more. Explore the list, make a purchase and add a business here.

2. Made in KC recently crafted this guide to KC Black-Owned Businesses, featuring restaurants, museums, arts, music, fitness, services, boutiques, spas, salons and more. Grab a bite, stretch your creative muscles and have a night out with these businesses.

3. If you prefer something less curated and more searchable, check out the directory created by Buy Black KC and select from a slew of categories, from videographers to tax pros to art galleries to local publications to wellness services — this directory covers the gamut. Take a peek and peruse

4. Browse another huge directory of black-owned businesses from every industry at

5. If you prefer an app, download Black Privilege, a black-founded, crowd-sourced directory of more than 800 black-owned businesses.

6. Follow Kansas City Black Business on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for the latest updates from black-owned businesses.

7. Check out the Black Owned Business-Kansas City (B.O.B.K.C.) community page on Facebook for products, services, events, sales, websites, promos and more.

8. Get involved with The Black Chamber of Commerce of Greater Kansas City, the Heartland Black Chamber of Commerce and the Black Economic Union of Kansas City and see all the ways they can help businesses. (We here at KCSourceLink can help you make an introduction.)

9. If this roundup is making you hungry, explore a huge list of black-owned restaurants in the metro from the Community Voice.

10. And this is sweet. Peruse a slew of black-owned restaurants you can support in this list from Feast Magazine.

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