Here’s How KC Entrepreneurs Can Meet One On One With Business Pros (at No Cost)

During an unprecedented time when Kansas City small businesses need immediate assistance, a new pilot program, Pair Up with a Pro, connects those entrepreneurs with professional services at no cost to them.

“We understand that cash is tight for our small businesses,” says Amy Fisher, information and reader services manager at Mid-Continent Public Library. “However, these businesses need to be able to access these vital services right now to successfully survive.”

Small businesses (defined as 10 employees or fewer) can apply for help in a range of areas that are often outsourced, including accounting, business pivots, loan applications, grant writing and more, all at no cost to the business owner, at or by calling KCSourceLink at 816-235-6500.

Pair Up with a Pro results from a partnership between KCSourceLink and Square One Small Business Services by Mid-Continent Public Library, two entrepreneur support organizations in the region that support small businesses.

The pilot program allows entrepreneurs and small business owners to submit requests for help from professionals in a range of areas, like preparing financial documents for funding, priming for a successful business pivot, transitioning to e-commerce, writing effective grants and other vital one-on-one services they need now to make their businesses strong and more resilient. Businesses will then be paired with a professional who can answer their request.

“The first stage of this pilot program is focused on finding out what businesses really need and helping them get it,” says Jenny Miller, network builder at KCSourceLink. “Working with Square One, we’ll match business owners with the right professionals in a one-on-one session that produces tangible results and clear next steps that we hope will help businesses reimagine their operations in the new normal, build resiliency and come back even stronger.”

Pair Up with a Pro is offered for a limited time on a first-come, first-served basis during this beta-test period. The program can continue, shift or expand based on demand.

Entrepreneurs and business owners interested in connecting with experts who provide these business services just need to submit a request here. Business professionals and corporate partners can also apply to offer their services through that website.

KCSourceLink and Square One are excited to partner on this opportunity. Pair Up with a Pro will utilize the extended KCSourceLink entrepreneurship network along with Square One’s deep knowledge of industry experts to connect businesses to just-in-time resources and add another tool to the toolbox for small business success in Kansas City.

“Small businesses are quantifiably the lifeblood of Kansas City, so as they attempt to pivot their businesses, apply for financing, navigate reopening their businesses and make hundreds of other tough choices, we wanted to provide something that alleviates a big point of stress so they can continue to focus what they need to do to keep going,” says Morgan Perry, business outreach specialist at Square One Small Business Services by Mid-Continent Public Library.

The current list of services (which is still growing, so check the site regularly) that business owners can apply for includes:

·      Accounting
·      Taxes
·      Financing applications
·      Grant writing
·      Marketing
·      E-commerce

“Kansas City startups and businesses will face hard times for at least the next few months,” Perry says. “But if anything positive can come out of this crisis, it’s that we know how to build resilience into our regional economy and better prepare KC businesses to weather the storm the next time we confront another crisis. Because when we support small businesses, we support everyone.”

Entrepreneurs who want to Pair Up with a Pro can submit requests online or call KCSourceLink. at 816-235-6500.

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