Take This Survey: Help KC Small Businesses and Inform Policy Makers

Surveys probably aren’t usually your No. 1 priority … but your input on this survey is vital to help small businesses (including yours) receive the funding and financing that’s desperately needed.

So, we need just a few minutes of your time to help the many business owners who are hurting, and, unfortunately, many of whom don’t qualify for federal disaster relief funds (money, that as of mid-April, is currently all allocated).

Help us tell your story and educate policymakers and officials on the kind of support you’ll need for recovery. Make a difference and take the survey before responses are collected soon.

So why is this important? Startups with fewer than 20 employees create over 60% of net new jobs in Kansas City. As you probably already know, it’s vital that we support small business owners, which are the economic heartbeat of KC, and when they suffer, the metro loses those job creators.

> > > Take the survey now

It’s imperative that we act now: We would like to collect all responses by Friday, April 24, so please complete the survey at your earliest convenience because we want to reach out to key officials and decision-makers as soon as possible so we can have an effect right away on the next round of business relief.

Remember, we’re in this together. Thank you so much for sharing your story and what you’re going through. This will help support those who are struggling right now.

If you ever need help with your business, we’re just a phone call away (816-235-6500) or just tell us what you need here.

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