Why You GOTTA Present at GEWKC, According to 7 Stellar, Veteran Hosts

Still on the fence about presenting at Global Entrepreneurship Week – Kansas City, the metro’s largest celebration of entrepreneurship? It’s not every day you get the chance to educate and inspire a bunch of Kansas City entrepreneurs (over 5,000 attended GEWKC 2018) who are hungry to learn from your wisdom and experience on a topic you know and love.

We’ve seen events cover everything: how to leverage WordPress, how to start a business with no money, how to foster innovation, how to run a food truck, the keys to running a fashion business and more. So you’ve definitely got something great to share. (Get all those good details here.)

Plus, you’ve got the experience, the knowledge and the platform … so what’s stopping you from taking advantage of this free opportunity in the 18th and Vine Jazz District, one of Kansas City’s most iconic neighborhoods?

But don’t take our word for it. Just hear what these awesome GEWKC presenters (who drew some impressive crowds) had to say about their experience and why YOU should submit your event, panel, workshop, competition, etc., for Global Entrepreneurship Week – Kansas City 2019 by Aug. 18.


Share your passion with others

You know what you love and what you do well: social media marketing, sales, business coaching, public speaking, storytelling, etc. Now, share that lived-expertise (especially those trial-by-fire tales and lessons from that earned success) with your fellow entrepreneurs.

Kasim Hardaway of TKG Agency

Kasim Hardaway of TKG Agency:

Hosting an event at GEWKC was a no-brainer. I was extremely passionate about the topics I presented (influencer marketing and Instagram), and GEWKC gave me a platform to connect with community members who wanted to level up in those areas. If you want to connect with other movers and shakers around town as well as show your expertise in a field / industry, you should definitely host at GEWKC.

Highlight your business and meet potential clients

Not only are you giving back to the community, you’re also connecting with folks who are part of Kansas City’s thriving entrepreneur community … people who could help your business as mentors, partners or even clients.

And it’s obviously a great way to get your business in front of a new audience.
Andrew Morgans of Marknology presents at GEWKC 2018

Andrew Morgans of Marknology:

I was on a mission to let Kansas City know about my business, Marknology, and GEWKC was a great place to get started. I also got the chance to let the community know about my expertise in the area of selling on Amazon and branding online. I even think we made a few relationships that ended up turning into client work, and brands started working with us because of hearing me there.

Make connections that will change your business

So many times when you’re facing a problem, the best solution stems from making a connection. That introduction for an aspiring entrepreneur might be the connection that changes everything for him or her.

With over thousands of attendees at GEWKC, you’re sure to make at least one important introduction. And when you present or host an event, you have dozens of potential connections right there in the room with you. Plus, where else can you get so many experts from Kansas City’s entrepreneur community in one place? (And one of those experts could be YOU.)
Julie Cortes of The Freelance Exchange of Kansas City presents at GEWKC 2018

Julie Cortés of The Freelance Exchange of Kansas City

We’re stronger together. If we can help one another become savvier businessmen and women, why don’t we? You have something of value to share. Something that is a much-needed resource. Something to give back. Besides the joy that comes with volunteering and giving back, there’s the amazing PR, networking opportunities and great visibility among my peers. It elevated my brand and my business, giving it credibility and positioning me as an industry expert.

Dan Smith, co-founder The Porter House KC

We at The Porter House KC wanted to show the underrepresented communities we represent how to start a business and wanted to do this by hosting our session ‘How to Start a Business in 75 Minutes.’ We also wanted to expose our audience to what Global Entrepreneurship Week is and all the great resources available during the various sessions hosted by so many great organizations.
Panelists speak during GEWKC 2019

Elevate important topics

You might be passionate about something or want to bring an important cause into the spotlight. GEWKC is your chance to let others know about your entrepreneurship-adjacent cause and promote your message and create awareness.

GEWKC even has a special social entrepreneurship track that helps businesses that want to maximize their business for social and environmental well-being.

Kyle Smith of Determination, Incorporated:

Hosting an event at GEWKC is an excellent opportunity to educate the community on topics that are too often overlooked or under-appreciated. If you have something important or edifying to share with other entrepreneurs, let it shine!

And maybe you’re the type who loves doing it for the feels and for the satisfaction of helping others in your community, especially those who will be the entrepreneurs of tomorrow.
GEWKC Youth Entrepreneur Showcase

Lydia Degarmo of Youth Entrepreneurs:

Youth Entrepreneurs presented at GEWKC because it was an opportunity to show educators our entrepreneurial mindset curriculum, and we wanted to build connections to potential new schools through the event. Overall, it was a positive experience. A large number of students participated in our activities, and the educators there saw their students really engaged.

Guide others who are on the path you once traveled

Remember when you first started your business? All those questions and thoughts racing through your mind? Every entrepreneur has been there, but what if YOU could be that inspiration, spark or guiding light that illuminates the path to entrepreneurial success for others?

Aaron Fulk, Lillian James Creative

GEWKC was one of the first events I attended when I started my business and really learned a ton about being an entrepreneur. That’s why we decided to submit an event last year; we just loved the collaboration and community.

So, Submit your event

Well, there’s nothing left to do now except submit your GEWKC workshop, panel, competition, presentation, showcase, etc., before the Aug. 18 deadline. Don’t miss out on all the great stuff happening Nov. 18-22 at Kansas City’s largest celebration of entrepreneurship.

See you there!

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