Plan Your Global Entrepreneurship Week with 150+ Events in Kansas City

Are you ready to be inspired, get one step close to that business goal, realize that dream you’ve had for a long time and make the big connection that’ll take your venture to the next level?

Yeah, Global Entrepreneurship Week – Kansas City (aka #GEWKC) is still a ways away, but the schedule of over 150 events is here. Start building your schedule for the main event, Nov. 12-16. (You might need a while to curate and craft your perfect #GEWKC calendar.) [[CTA]]

So, what’s the big deal?

Now, in its 11th year, the global, weeklong celebration will again unite thousands of innovators, job creators, business owners, celebrity entrepreneurs and companies in more than 160 countries, all in the name of entrepreneurship and the hope of solving problems and transforming local economies.

And, oh do we have a lot to show the world about how Kansas City goes #GEWKC big. We’ve again curated more than 150 events from you all in the the community because that’s just what that week is: a celebration of Kansas City-area entrepreneurs, who are in the trenches every day, pushing to make Kansas City the amazing place it is.

OK. So it’s a big deal. What can I get out of it?

GEWKC gives entrepreneurs (that’s you) from all walks and industries, small-business owners, foodpreneurs, makers and creators the chance to make lasting and meaningful connections with others in the community while learning about how to improve their business or nonprofit.

But this isn’t just a celebration. GEWKC ignites entrepreneurial growth and will give you the connections, inspiration and foundation you’ll need to reach the next step (or first step) of your journey.

> > > > Don’t want to wait for GEW? Call KCSourceLink today at 816-235-6500, or tell us a bit about yourself here, and we’ll craft your Personal Action Plan (it’s always free) to help you take that next (or first) step on your entrepreneurial journey.

150+ events? That’s a lot. Are there tracks I can follow?

Glad you asked. This year, we’ll have four tracks you can follow with events specifically centered around those focus areas … or you can create your own plan of awesomeness with a custom list of days, times and events to attend. (And KCSourceLink, where can I do that? Right here, my friend: Build your #GEWKC agenda).

Here are those four tracks:

  • Makers and Creators: anyone who makes or creates, like brewers, bakers, inventors, crafters

  • Startups: those who want to test a new business or those who have started their business but still need help with navigating some aspects

  • Social Entrepreneurs: businesses that want to prime their operations for their social and environmental goals, as well as profits

  • Scalers: businesses that have survived the startup phase but haven’t yet reached maturity and are eager to grow

Why is Global Entrepreneurship Week – Kansas City important, anyway?

Because entrepreneurship creates jobs—and many of the new jobs in entrepreneurial economies, Kansas City included, come from businesses less than five years old. (Click that link right there to see who in KC creates new jobs.) GEWKC can foster and grow entrepreneurship and the ecosystem it needs to thrive.

But GEWKC is way more than an awareness campaign for entrepreneurship. Through local activities, aspiring, emerging and existing entrepreneurs (that’s you) can meet other entrepreneurs, learn about the steps you need to take (or may have missed) to grow your business and build vital business connections (resources, mentors, coaches, vendors and even customers) that you’ll definitely need down the line and for your bottom line.

What topics do these 150+ events cover? What can I learn?

If you’re an entrepreneur (or you aspire to be one), these GEWKC workshops and classes will help you:

  • learn what it takes to start a business and secure a loan
  • compete in your industry
  • succeed as a one-person business
  • find inspiration from other entrepreneurs
  • build stronger customer relationships
  • use creativity to help your business
  • with strategies to get funding
  • beef up your social media game
  • start a nonprofit
  • grow your business
  • and much, much more

So get your agenda started, and be sure to tell us what’s on your agenda on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #GEWKC.


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