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KCSourceLink Staff

Jenny Miller, Network Builder

Jenny Miller, Network Builder

As the face of KCSourceLink, Jenny is the secret to KC’s successful entrepreneurial network. She uses her skills in collaboration, organization and connecting people to champion resource providers and build networks. Under her guidance, the network has grown to more than 230 partners.

On any given day, you’ll find Jenny in the middle of organizing an event such as Global Entrepreneurship Week, discovering new resources for entrepreneurs and researching new ways to make Kansas City America’s most entrepreneurial city.

Woman-about-town; the go-to resource for entrepreneurship in Kansas City

Sarah 100pixels

Sarah Mote, Marketing Director

Sarah Mote is first, last and always a storyteller.

Master of messages and social media whiz, Sarah brings her considerable talent to bear on telling the SourceLink story and that of our affiliate communities. She drives strategic outcomes through creative communications, always on point and engaging. No wonder SourceLink web traffic has soared under her watch.

Master of messages, chief wordherder, great at driving impact and results

Joey Medellin smaller

Joey Medellin, Network Coordinator

As one of the longest-tenured associates of KCSourceLink, Joey Medellin has helped the organization grow from its modest roots into the central hub for entrepreneurship that it is today. Joey juggles multiple balls and never lets one drop. She manages all the administrative details for the organization, from financials to human resources to grant reporting to everything in between, creating a seamless work environment.

Ensures every detail is accounted for; numbers whisperer

Kyle J Smith, KCSourceLink Communications Coordinator

Kyle J Smith, Communications Coordinator

From theatre to fitness to entrepreneurship, Kyle J Smith’s eclectic professional experience is bound together by wicked storytelling and an undying passion for community building. When he’s not hard at work, Kyle is often listening to a podcast. (He has recommendations.)

As communications coordinator at KCSourcelink, Kyle is excited to amplify the stories of startups and small businesses in Kansas City.

Heavy wordlifter, consummate storyteller, weaves words into wonder

Leslie Walton, KCSourceLink Network Support

Leslie Walton, Network Supporter

Leslie Walton works directly with Jenny Miller and the KCSourceLink team to help coordinate Kansas City’s signature entrepreneurial events, connect entrepreneurs to relevant resources, increase visibility of Resource Partners and build the KCSourceLink resource network. 

An entrepreneur in her own right, Leslie understands how important it is to a small business's survival and success to be backed by the right team and resources.

Team juggler, pinch runner, and all-around supporter of KC entrepreneurs

Kate Pope Hodel

Kate Pope Hodel, Special Projects

Kate Hodel has worked in entrepreneurship for nearly 25 years. A facilitator and project manager, Kate is the pinch hitter for the SourceLink team, working with clients, managing special projects and developing new products.

Kate brings order out of chaos, developing processes to simplify processes and drive completion. If there is a gap, Kate will find it and figure out how to fill it.

Project ninja; works with many projects and clients with detail and ease


Maria Meyers, Executive Director

Maria Meyers is an entrepreneur in her own right, building SourceLink and KCSourceLink from the ground up. Maria shares her expertise with other communities through speaking engagements, journal articles and blog posts.

Maria has a unique ability to encourage and enable collaboration, leading from behind and ensuring that everyone around her has tools for success. Throughout her career she has pulled off the seemingly impossible, such as turning an abandoned train station into a metro hub, commercializing technology out of a university and into the nonprofit sector and rallying a community around gaps in capital for entrepreneurs.

Thought leader in building entrepreneurial communities; inspirational and wicked smart.

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