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2/8/24: A Taylor and Travis Valentine’s Day
1/5/23: Rock 2023 with 26 opportunities for your business
12/8/22: Who made the KCSourceLink Watch List?
11/2/22: Get the Global Entrepreneurship Week Insiders’ Guide
10/6/22: Build your GEWKC agenda from 150+ events ????
9/8/22: These opportunities will grow your business
8/11/22: Host at GEWKC + see where base camp is …
7/14/22: GEWKC is coming! Plus, tech workshops, tax tips
6/2/22: What does business funding look like in KC?
5/5/22: This newsletter was built to grow your business
4/4/22: Show those numbers who’s boss: taxes, finances, grants
3/10/22: Make KC awesome: Do 1 thing in this newsletter
2/10/22: Have a business idea? Get started with this
1/12/21: New year, new business? Start here
12/1/21: Join the BuyKC movement + scale your business
11/3/21: Register for GEWKC + add your business to BuyKC
10/8/21: Register for GEWKC + celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month
9/9/21: It’s time to start something
8/4/21: Submit your event idea for GEWKC
7/8/21: 15 ways to start your business
6/2/21: Who made the Kansas City Watch List?
5/5/21: Learn to grow your business with a coach
4/7/21: 8 ways to grow your business
2/3/21: New help for PPP loans + be a growth hacker
1/13/21: Pssst … the GEWKC Content Library is LIVE!
12/10/20: 8 opportunities to help you start a business
11/2/20: Get ready for GEW: Build your agenda, submit your event
10/9/20: Entrepreneur superheroes, GEWKC and more
9/9/20: Get ready to host at GEWKC 2020 ????
8/6/2020: New grants, scholarships, amazing KC success stories
7/8/2020: This email is built to help + inspire you ????
6/8/2020: Stay strong, Kansas City
5/26/2020: 3 tips to help your KC business make a comeback
5/11/2020: Reopening: 5 tips to prep your business
4/27/2020: What’s next? 4 things you can do now for your business
4/15/2020: The most important email in your inbox right now …
3/6/2020: Build your business for success
2/7/2020: This email is full of #win
1/10/2020: Supercharge your business
12/5/2019: This will make you smile …
11/13/2019: Get your superpower ready
10/9/2019: 200+ events. 5 days. 1 huge celebration.
9/5/2019: Prepare to launch in 3, 2, 1 …
8/8/2019: This is how you fuel your business ????
7/11/2019: Foster talent in your business
6/6/2019: Put your business on the #ShopLocalKC map
5/9/2019: Create, calculate, climb, code, conquer
4/5/2019: This is how you create KC
3/7/2019: Ready. Set. ????
2/6/2019: This is the year you ________
1/9/2019: Set and crush your 2019 goals like a boss ????
12/6/2018: Put more coin in your pocket for the holidays ❄⛄
11/1/18: GEWKC: Everything you need to get ready for awesomeness
10/4/18: Build your #GEWKC agenda; eat, drink and mingle with #startupkc; get inspired ????
9/6/18: BBQ tech party, pitch for big money; Plus, tips, tricks and tales to help your biz
8/9/18: Earn scholarships (????) for business classes and get back to basics; plus, host at #GEWKC
7/11/18: Join the maker invasion! Plus, host at #GEWKC, grow your business
6/5/18: Vote for your KC entrepreneurship All-Star before Friday, June 8
5/10/18: May updates from KC’s entrepreneurial community
4/6/2018: Just released: Kansas City’s state of entrepreneurship report
3/8/18: Tell us about the women entrepreneurs who inspire you
2/12/18: Just released: KC Business Watch List for 2018
1/4/18: Did you see these new programs in Kansas City? Pretty cool
12/5/17: What every entrepreneur wants for the holidays . . . ????????????????
11/9/17: Global Entrepreneurship Week KC starts Monday.  ???????????? Are you signed up?
10/6/17: More capital than ever is available to KC entrepreneurs 
9/7/17: How many jobs do Kansas City startups create?
8/3/17: #SquadGoals: Set a world record before lunchtime
7/7/17: July Newsletter: Scholarships available for business classes in Kansas City
6//8/17: June Newsletter: Give back to Kansas City entrepreneurs (& have a great time, too)
5/3/17: May Newsletter: Should KC be the next Silicon Valley? 
4/6/17: April Newsletter: New Report: The state of entrepreneurship in Kansas City
3/9/17: March Newsletter: Empower your customers to grow your business
2/9/17: February Newsletter: Last chance to nominate your business for Battle of the Brands
1/12/17: January Newsletter: Kansas City’s favorite entrepreneurs in 2016 and a little healthy competition
12/8/16: December Newsletter: Where to Holiday Shop in Kansas City
11/02/16 – November Newsletter: Veteran-owned Business, Global Entrepreneurship Week, Increasing Sales
10/6/16 October Newsletter: #ShopLocalKC, Reaching New Customers, Global Entrepreneurship Week
9/8/16 – September Newsletter: Back to Business Basics, Grow Global
8/4/16 – August Newsletter: KC Innovation, Funding Apps Due & Entrepreneur Dashboard
7/7/16 – July Newsletter: Funding Kansas City Businesses & Free Summertime Classes
6/9/16 – June Newsletter: Startups, Raising Money, & Puppies
5/4/16 – May Newsletter: Startups, Money, America’s Most Entrepreneurial City. Boom chicka.
4//4/16 –  April Newslettter: Programs to Grow Your Business
3/2/16  –  March Newsletter: Battle of the Brands, ScaleUP! KC
2//5/16 – February Newsletter: Battle of the Brands
1/6/16 – January Newsletter: Top Ten Blog Posts
12/4/15 – December Newsletter: Shop Local
9/3/15 – September Newsletter: TechWeek

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