Get Romantic with Kansas City-Themed Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Gift Ideas

Valentine's Day gifts inspired by Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce

Get Romantic with Kansas City-Themed Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Gift Ideas

Are you racking your brain over what to get your significant other for that special day? Do you need a sweet gift for your special someone? Take a cue from lovebirds Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce. We designed the perfect Kansas City-themed romantic day for them — and you can use it to tell your own boo, “You belong with me,” too.

And Taylor and Travis, if you’ve stumbled upon this blog in your scramble for some last-minute gifts, thank us later. We know you’re busy playing in Super Bowls and rocking the stage.

If you’re looking for more fun KC-area gifts that aren’t your usual presents, check out #BuyKC, which lets you sort and filter your results by the type of business you’d like to support. And if you run a local business folks should know about, apply to appear in the directory. Let’s get into the gifts that Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce might get each other (and that you can pick up, too)!

Fast forward to 300 takeout coffees later

Start off your romantic day with a mug that features the mugs of Traylor and Tavis … or Swelce? … or whatever you’d like to call these sweethearts. America’s favorite football-adjacent power couple can join you on your quest to down as much caffeine before 10 a.m. as possible. And while you’re at it, pair the mug with some Valentine’s-inspired KC joe.

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift coffee mug by Sara Cramer Taylor

Sara Cramer Taylor Travis Mug:

The Roasterie Be Mine Seasonal Coffee

The Roasterie Be Mine Seasonal Coffee:

Shape Your Destiny

If you’ve got a blank space, baby, write your name! Get creative, fire up the kiln and let your artistic skills fly? Here’s an idea: Craft something and put your lover’s words on it; that way when you sip your coffee out of your handmade mug, you’ll remember that, “When in doubt, make plays,” and, “Music is everything to me.” (They actually said that.) Learn to be a pottery pro:

A project at Driftwood Ceramics

Driftwood Ceramics:

Cuddle up

If you’ve got the urge to throw items on stage or snowballs at Chiefs players (we’re looking at you, Buffalo), wrap yourself in a snuggly throw instead. When KC drops into negative temps and you’re freezing your buns off, you’ll be glad you had something to burrow into.

Happy Habitat by Karrie Dean

Happy Habitat by Karrie Dean:

Be a master of barbecue

So we had to include something related to barbecue: Forget the “Sweet Nothing,” Taylor. How about sweet something … actually a lot of sweet somethings at the Kansas City BBQ Store? It has every sauce you’d ever want, plus grills, smokers, barbecue accessories and more. Did you know having a smoker automatically makes you a KC local?

Kansas City BBQ Store, Joes Kansas City sauce

The Kansas City BBQ Store:

Wear your love

You best believe Taylor has been “Bejeweled” with a bunch of KC baubles. But we bet she hasn’t gotten her hands on any Valentine’s Day-inspired KC bling. Travis, when she walks in the stadium with an 18k gold necklace with natural stones, she’ll make the whole place shimmer.

Sierra Winter Jewelry

Sierra Winter Jewelry:

A burning flame

Taylor, instead of a “Picture to Burn,” how about you burn a patron saint candle featuring you and your boo? No painful memories here, just some Grade A wax and wick to illuminate your home when you need a little meditation, healing and protection, courtesy of Saint Taylor and Saint Travis.

Celebrity Prayer Candles

Celebrity Prayer Candles:

Back in the saddle

In “White Horse,” Taylor sang, “Now it’s too late for you and your white horse to come around.” Well, Travis, that sounds like a cry for some quality time on a horse, and brother, you’re gonna need to learn to ride if you don’t already because Taylor has a huge passion for our four-hoofed friends. Here’s a spot where you double up with a date and a ride. Giddy up!

A person riding a horse
Philippe Oursel via Unsplash

Sunset Trails Stables:

Love to the letter

Taylor doesn’t have to write this “Love Story.” She can ask someone at the Mid-America Romance Authors to pen one for her. What better way to capture love than in a fictionalized tale where the queen of pop meets the king of tight ends.

Pages make a heart in a book
Theo Crazzolara via Unsplash

Mid-America Romance Authors:


When you can’t hold your significant other in your arms, what’s the next best thing? How about holding a 3D-printed miniature replica of your sweetheart? Who wants to take bets about if Travis and Taylor have one of these already?

3DHQ mini figurines of real people


Green-thumb gift

Taylor clearly has a thing for plants in her songs: poppies, violet, crimson clover, morning glory, carnations, roses, daisies … I mean, talk about a hint, Travis. Man, I know you’re a scholar who can read between the lines, so this is your chance to bring those plants indoors and have them growing out of your wall. Uh, yes, please.

WallyGrow Planter

WallyGrow Planters:

Explore and find a getaway

When you’re looking for a great night on the town, you need a plan to ditch the paparazzi. How about taking a scenic escape through KC’s colorful alleys that you learned about earlier during a tour with Urban Hikes KC? It’s time you get to know the cool places in town that go unnoticed.

Urban Hikes KC graffiti

Urban Hikes KC:

Avoid champagne problems

Sure you could go to a swanky bar for a nice nightcap, but after a day this busy, getting tipsy in your PJs and snuggling with your honeyboo sounds great, especially when it doesn’t require running to the store for ingredients. Snag your very own cocktail kit and play mixologist … or go the super-convenient route and hire your very own personal bartender.

Adam Jaime via Unsplash

Shots by Miko:

> > > Looking for even more great gifts that are locally based and show you care? Explore #BuyKC, and filter for the type of business you’d like to support with your dollars.

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