How the KCSourceLink Resource Partner Network Fuels Economic Development

Downtown Kansas City, Missouri, at dusk.

How the KCSourceLink Resource Partner Network Fuels Economic Development

Economic development plays a vital role in our communities, fueling local job creation programs, advancing career development opportunities and improving communities’ quality of life. University Center Week is June 5 -9 for 2023, but work to support economic development spans 365 days a year. 

Here at KCSourceLink, we are proud to play a role in economic development through entrepreneur-led initiatives. Much of our work to support entrepreneur-led economic development is thanks in large part to our role as a University Center, an initiative of the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Economic Development Administration. The purpose of the University Center program is to leverage university assets to build regional economic ecosystems that support innovation and entrepreneurship, resiliency and inclusiveness. 

Each year, we help connect thousands of existing and aspiring entrepreneurs to the more than 240 Resource Partner organizations in Kansas City supporting small business creation and development. From 2019-22: 

  • 8,492 entrepreneurs reached out to KCSourceLink seeking assistance 
  • 6,261 Personal Action Plans were created for entrepreneurs, connecting them to the right resource at the right time 
  • 790 entrepreneurs reported moving forward with starting their business 

To be successful, entrepreneur-led economic development takes a community of people and organizations working towards a common goal. We are thankful to the entrepreneurs, partners and more who help to preserve, revitalize and build our region through entrepreneurship. 

Interested in learning more about entrepreneur-led economic development? Here are some good reads on entrepreneurship’s impact on economic development: 

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