Digital Sandbox KC’s Summer in the Sand Helps Founders with Pitching, Capital, Product Dev

Digital Sandbox KC’s Summer in the Sand Helps Founders with Pitching, Capital, Product Dev

Founders who want to learn how to pitch to Digital Sandbox KC for early-project funding, scope out the capital landscape in Kansas City and understand product development can register for Summer in the Sand, a series of workshops from Digital Sandbox KC that aim to help tech entrepreneurs move forward with their businesses and prime them for future opportunities.

“Summer in the Sand is a great way for founders to learn from subject-matter experts who have a wealth of knowledge in areas that are critical to startup success,” says Chris Rehkamp, associate director of the Technology Venture Studio at the UMKC Innovation Center. “These sessions offer tactical insight into raising capital and technical product development, two areas that founders consistently say they need support with.”

Summer in the Sand gives entrepreneurs the chance to network and learn from some of the best in the industry. These three power-packed sessions cover a wide range of topics, all tailored to address the needs of early-stage startups. All sessions will run from 3:30 – 4:30 p.m.

June 2 | How to Pitch to Digital Sandbox KC | Virtual

Hear directly from the Digital Sandbox KC evaluation team about the organization’s pitching process and what it takes to make the most effective Sandbox pitch. Register for the virtual event here.

June 21 | Show Me The Money: Regional Funding for Early-Stage Startups | In-Person

Get to know Kansas City’s early-stage capital market. Learn what investors look for, what funding sources are available and how to position yourself for the best possible chance for a “yes.” Register for the in-person event here.

July 21 | But I Can’t Code: Product Development for Non-Tech Founders | In-Person

Non-technical founders can hear from developers and technical experts about clearly defining the product scope and working with vendors to build products and bring concepts to life. Register for the in-person event here.

For questions please email Chris Rehkamp at [email protected].

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