Why You GOTTA Present at GEWKC, According to These 7 Stellar Past Hosts

Why You GOTTA Present at GEWKC, According to These 7 Stellar Past Hosts

Still on the fence about presenting at Global Entrepreneurship Week – Kansas City, the metro’s largest celebration of entrepreneurship? It’s not every day you get the chance to educate and inspire Kansas City entrepreneurs (thousands attend GEWKC every year) who are hungry to learn from your wisdom and experience on a topic you know and love.

We’ve seen events that cover everything: how to leverage WordPress, how to start a business with no money, how to foster innovation, how to run a food truck, the keys to running a fashion business and more. So you’ve definitely got something great to share.

Plus, you’ve got the experience, the knowledge and the platform … so what’s stopping you from taking advantage of this free opportunity?

But don’t take our word for it. Just hear what these seasoned GEWKC presenters had to say about their experience and why YOU should submit your event, panel, workshop, competition, etc., for Global Entrepreneurship Week – Kansas City 2021 by Aug. 27.


Share all the great stuff you know

Kourtney Thomas, self-discovery strategist

“I chose to host because I believe in the power of these kinds of highly connected and intersectional events that support all kinds and all stages of entrepreneurs. I think someone should host at GEWKC because we all have unique perspectives and stories to share, voices that resonate with the people who need to hear them. This is a super supportive and friendly environment, and a great way to be a part of the entrepreneurial ecosystem.”

Be a part of the energy

Laura Treas, KC Sewing

“I support GEWKC because it’s an easy way for people to get so many questions answered in a central place/time. It’s great to have a room (or virtual hangout) full of enthusiastic people who are interested and engaged.”

Help others, highlight your business

Chris Brown, Pixel Law

“I hosted because (a) I like to be helpful to fellow entrepreneurs in my community, and (b) it is good exposure for my services (legal services for startups and businesses).”

Pay generosity forward

Shea Geist, Shark OFF

“We hosted because we wanted our mistakes to benefit the entrepreneur community here in KC. Everyone in the community has been so generous to us, sharing what they have learned; we really wanted to take this opportunity to pay that generosity forward.”

Explore new frontiers

Rick Usher, community leader

“I have hosted GEWKC events to share ideas around expanding the KC entrepreneur ecosystem and engaging local government with innovative and creative entrepreneurs. At the City of Kansas City, Mo., GEWKC events have helped us highlight KCBizCare’s entrepreneur support services, understand how entrepreneurs foster economic development in emerging innovation districts and demonstrate entrepreneurship as a path to economic development in the KC region.”

Give back, network, generate business

Dennis Hodges, Catalyst

“1. To give back and share. I believe if we share with others, it’s good for all.

2. To network on a deeper level. Anyone attending my session is interested in the subject. This is a more valuable network contact than someone I randomly meet over coffee.

3. To generate business. The content I shared led to good connections that led to paid work.”

Help bring everyone together

Tina Joy Cochran, Sword of Joy Consulting

“GEWKC is my favorite event of the year, and I always try to host at least one event. Why? Because this event is the No. 1 gathering of entrepreneurs from all over the KC metro area, it’s easy to participate as a host, and it always brings new connections and business to my coaching academy. And most of all, it’s FUN!”

So, Submit your event

Well, there’s nothing left to do now except submit your GEWKC workshop, panel, competition, presentation, showcase, etc., before the Aug. 27 deadline. Don’t miss out on all the great stuff happening Nov. 8-14 at Kansas City’s largest celebration of entrepreneurship.

See you out there!


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