Entrepreneurs, Small Companies, Corporate ‘Lone Wolves’ Invited to New Program

Entrepreneurs, Small Companies, Corporate ‘Lone Wolves’ Invited to New Program

Kansas City draws many people for its affordability, livability, amenities and flourishing entrepreneur ecosystem. And because of those perks, it’s also drawing “lone wolves” — corporate executives who live in Kansas City who do not have headquarters in KC.

We have an opportunity to create a visible and easily accessible infrastructure for engagement between lone wolves (corporate executives without KC headquarters) and entrepreneurs.

KC lone wolf Yoav Snir, global head of digital partnership for Amdocs found that his network as much as it is robust nationwide and worldwide, is lacking when it comes to connections in Kansas City – that companies he can help or work with in the region aren’t aware of his presence or the resources he has. He wants to help build a system for opportunities and needs to connect – for himself, but also for others who are struggling to connect.

To solve this, a new work group is developing a prototype for this kind of corporate engagement and is looking for local individuals to validate the needs and shape the program: entrepreneurs, small companies, lone wolves, new or transplant C-suite or corporate executives or any other enablers who want to help craft the program. We are asking for people to provide one-time insight or join our work group. Email me at [email protected] to get involved.

What entrepreneurs get from this opportunity:

Most entrepreneurs are as good as their initial social network; that’s where they derive their customers, financing and employees. Those who see a gap but don’t have industry expertise need exposure to competitive futures. Executives have the knowledge and expertise to rapidly expand entrepreneurs’ social network, allowing for: new customers, industry knowledge, new markets, expertise, mentoring and much more.

What lone-wolf corporate leaders get from this opportunity:

Corporate leaders and the corporations they serve benefit when they engage with entrepreneurs and the local entrepreneurial ecosystem. Each person will see different results, but these are the high-level takeaways of that engagement: an increase in entrepreneurial mindset and other personal enrichment, the ability to “do good” for their community, access to innovators and talent, new connections, new business/personal opportunities and bragging rights at the next out-of-town meeting.

If you would like to get involved, email [email protected] with the subject line “Lone Wolf.”

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