After GEWKC Ends, Keep the Business Advice, Connections Going to 2021 and Beyond

After GEWKC Ends, Keep the Business Advice, Connections Going to 2021 and Beyond

Global Entrepreneurship Week – Kansas City might be over, but all the great advice, experts, resources and opportunities for your business happen all year long in the KC metro.

Here’s how you can keep the good stuff coming, no matter if you’re starting a business, wondering how you can reach more customers, plotting a pivot, seeking funding or just have a burning business question you gotta have answered.

What do I do next? Whom do I talk to?

Just tell us a bit about yourself or call us at 816-235-6500 to chat with a real human who can connect you with the right people and organizations to help your business, no matter what stage you’re at. We’ll craft your very own Personal Action Plan (don’t worry; it’s a bite-sized set of steps you can actually do) and outline whom exactly you should contact (they’re real people), no matter the stage of your business.

And when you’re finished with that first set of next steps, reach out to us again, and we’ll outline what resources to connect with from there … and it’s always free.

We’ll help you make tons of great connections as you learn the ropes and shape the business you built with your hard work, long hours and heart and soul.

How great is that?


I loved connecting with new people at #GEWKC … where can I do that now?

There are a slew of events in Kansas City … we’re talking hundreds every month. And we’ve compiled all those events on the KCSourceLink calendar, the metro’s most comprehensive business calendar to help you start or grow that business or nonprofit. You don’t have to sift through hundreds of events if you don’t want to; you can sort and filter results based on the topic of the event, the location, distance, keywords or business type.

What other opportunities are out there?

If you’re wondering about other opportunities for your business, get a road map: The Resource Rail. Hop on and see what resources in KC are ready to help your venture grow and get a glimpse of whom you might connect with in the future, at each stage of your business. Kansas City has more than 240 organizations to help your business (we call them Resource Partners), but we’ve simplified the process and can let you know whom to contact and when.

I’d like something sent my way that keeps me in-the-know.

We’ve also got a newsletter filled with inspiring stories from your fellow entrepreneurs, tips you can actually use from business experts and the occasional gathering (and free parties). Sign up for the newsletter and get all that and more. And we promise to only send you only pertinent information. No selling or bait and switch—only the best stuff that’s actually relevant to you and helpful.

Do you have anything else that can help me?

If you’re in a reading mood, we’ve got guides for starting a business, growing your venture, how to run an innovation-led business (and prime yourself for a successful exit) and how to find funding.

Or, you can search The Resource Navigator to see what resources are out there for your particular need. (Of course, we’ll list the resources you should contact in your personal action plan, but if you’re chomping at the bit for more, The Resource Navigator can show you which organizations should be on your radar.)

Bottom line

You make entrepreneurship great in Kansas City—and we try to make it easy to find help growing your entrepreneurial idea or enterprise and making the business you’ve built more resilient for the future. That’s why we’re here to help you excel and grow and offer all the help we can.

Because as a nonprofit, we don’t work for profits: We work for you. We’re all about making Kansas City place where you can start and grow your dreams, passions and ambitions. You belong here.

So what do you say? We know so many people are ready to help you. Let’s get started.


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