It’s GO Time: KC Photo Bus Owner Offers Tips to Boost Your Biz amid COVID-19

It’s GO Time: KC Photo Bus Owner Offers Tips to Boost Your Biz amid COVID-19

By guest contributor Cate DePrisco, co-owner The Photo Bus

Dear business owner,

You are heard. Recent weeks have been full of so many unknown questions. Everyone is talking about it because how can you not? It’s everywhere.

But instead of hearing ways small business owners can be proactive, I’m hearing a lot of panic. “I don’t think we’ll make it through. We’re going to go under. There’s no way we can survive this.” Maybe this is just my industry, the event industry, but I don’t think so.

For some, this may be the hard truth. But for the many others? Friends, let’s shift our mindset!

What can you do now so your business is ready when your patrons/clients/guests/etc. are?

Brainstorm new revenue streams. Is there a shift your business can make to be more online? Can you sell some things? Can you do virtual consults?

Start tracking your KPIs (aka key performance indicators) by going through data from last year and the first quarter and see if there’s anything you notice … any “Ah, ha!” moments. 

This is blogging time. That blog you’ve been waiting to write? Start it now! Don’t forget the keywords! 

Get things in order and clear the clutter. Clean and organize your space.

Review your finances. What are those things you thought you needed but now realize you don’t? Take them out if you can. 

Network online. Check in with other small-business owners and see how they’re navigating the challenges.

Email the people whose emails you do have. No, not about the precautions you’re taking. Fill their inbox with things they actually want to read.

Spend a little money on online advertising if you can. A little will go a long way. 

Keep up your marketing! Remember all those marketing workshops you’ve attended and strategies you wanted to implement? Now is the time to work on it. 

Write down your processes. Things are slow, so you can take the extra time to do it.

Go for a walk

Take time to organize that to-do list (I love Asana for this) so you’re ready when your people are ready, too. 

Read a business book or listen to one. Or a podcast.

Close your eyes and breathe for a minute.

If applicable, review your contracts. Do they need to be changed?

Write down what you’ve learned — and what you would have done differently if you knew this was coming. Then, write how you can implement it going forward.

I hope you find something here to help inspire you to look for the positives. We’re all in this together!

– Cate DePrisco, The Photo Bus

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