How Did Global Entrepreneurship Week Give You an Edge? Stella Tells It Like It Is.

How Did Global Entrepreneurship Week Give You an Edge? Stella Tells It Like It Is.

Global Entrepreneurship Week – Kansas City is just around the corner, but we STILL can’t stop thinking about all the dreams, doers and makers we had the chance to meet last year—all those high fives and awesome stories that’ll get you inspired.

One of those was Stella Pigago, truth-teller.

We first caught Stella’s special brand of awesome in a panel from the Mary Redmond’s 2017 session on Fearless Negotiating. (So sorry if you missed that one. It. Was. Dynamic.) Stella came informed, but she was also vocal, hungry and committed to getting the most out of this 10th anniversary of Global Entrepreneurship Week. [[CTA]]

(Did Stella attend all 160 sessions? Probably not, but she made a serious dent in the events at basecamp, including the fun networking event from Apple Pie Painting.)

And so like the dutiful organizers that we are, we stalked her on social media, found this great post of hers on Instagram, tracked her down at GEW and asked if we could publish it. Because, yes: this is what GEWKC is and is supposed to do.

Here’s Stella . . .

Hey boo-boos , I’ve been hitting a nice stride at Global Entrepreneurship Week. So many great speakers and leaders in interesting and diverse industries. I met a business coach yesterday who might be the one I’ve been searching for. Yay! [KCSourceLink: Points! GEWKC is all about making connections.]

Stella’s 3 Tidbits and Takeaways:

We’re always negotiating in some way or another. In business it’s with other people, but we also negotiate with ourselves hundreds of times per day. What are you currently negotiating in your life? And are you negotiating well?

For all you procrastinators out there … eat the frog first thing in the morning. Mark Twain said, “If people eat the frog first thing in the morning, it will be the worst thing you do all day.” Meaning: get the thing you don’t like to do out of the way first thing in the morning. For me, that means working out. What’s the thing you don’t like doing on a daily basis? Twain says do it first!

This last tidbit is more motivational. “If you don’t live your truth you stop others from living theirs.” Boom! Mic drop! I get so caught up in can I do it?… should I do it?…that other person is better than me and I get cold feet and tap out. Well not anymore, my sweet friends. I’ve helped more people in the past four years than I have in the past 20. And by helped I mean life-changing help.

Stella’s Post-GEWKC Plan:

My next three actionable steps are to find free help [ahem, KCSourceLink] at one of the many business resources we have in KC and book time for help writing a business plan, find a business coach and polish my social media platforms, i.e., website, Instagram and Facebook group. Should I start doing YouTube videos again?!?! [KCSourceLink: We say yes. You?]

Truth: I don’t have any clue how to run a business. I know how to love people well and help them figure out who they are and help them heal from the past. I’ve got the heart and talent covered. Now, I need to find the people to help me reach my goals. 

Why?: I will do this because then you can do what you were made to do as well. Remember, we’re in this together! #circleoflife [KCSourceLink: Truth!]

What are some plans you have cooking up in your heart? ❤❤❤ #gewkc #entrepreneurslife

A Few Words about Stella.

She is a truth-teller. That’s her biz. She believes in telling the truth and allowing people to make their own choices from there.

So what does that mean?

Stella helps women figure out who they are, what’s their purpose and how to live their most authentic lives. She specifically works on how to get past a past that seems to keep dragging her clients back and how to navigate the present so the future is lived in a healthy and holistic way.

She’s currently beta testing an identity curriculum for high school teenagers. In ten lessons the curriculum covers topics like Rejection vs. Rebellion, Inappropriate Authority, Filling the Void, to name a few, and how to guide students to the truth and what lies they might be believing. You can find her at the Instagram link we gave above and here:

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