Alphapointe is a Nonprofit that sells more than 50,000 brand name business supplies to companies in the Kansas City area, as well across the U.S. at our online store. This store supports our mission to create jobs for the visually impaired in our community.


Alphapointe is a diverse company that includes office supply stores, Call Center Services, plastic injection molding, janitorial products, and textile manufacturing, and Low Vision Services.  It also offers more than 50,000 office supply products to businesses in the Kansas City area and nationally at our online store . Formed as a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit in 1911, Alphapointe is the largest employer of the blind in the state of Missouri.  We operate facilities in four states. The organization provides jobs and services to those who have lost sight.
Contact Information
Brenda Mee
(816) 237-2017