Leawood Venture Capital

Leawood Venture Capital invests in early-stage companies where its team has extensive market and technology expertise and can contribute to the overall success of its investment portfolios. With deep roots on both coasts, the team has strong relationships across the country and accesses the most promising deals from the national centers of technology excellence.


Leawood Venture Capital targets opportunities that leverage innovation and technology solutions to solve significant unmet needs in the market. The team looks for unique and proprietary advantages with an opportunity to utilize technology, innovative business models, strategic relationships and successful management teams.


Leawood Ventures focuses on businesses that possess many of the following attributes:

  • Seasoned Management Team with a Proven Track Record
  • Innovative Business Model
  • Scalable Solution
  • Unique Technology
  • Creative Organizational Culture
  • Large Addressable Market Opportunity
  • Successful Pilot Program/Demonstrated Proof of Concept
  • Defined Business Plan w/ Achievable Milestones
  • Clear Strategic Vision
  • Plans to Manage Risk

Access to capital is only one ingredient for business success. Leawood Ventures invests primarily in people and ideas and will help you develop and implement the right plan for success. The firm searches for the best management teams, founders and entrepreneurs who truly understand their markets and have a clear vision to capture profitable opportunities with innovative technologies, solutions and business models.
Leawood Ventures can supply experience, market relationships and industry knowledge to portfolio companies to help expand talented teams, enhance intellectual capital and build the relationships that are critical to achieving long-term results.

Services Provided

Financial Resources and Assistance

  • Venture Capital Equity Providers
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