Kansas Department of Agriculture – Agriculture Marketing, Advocacy and Outreach Team

The mission of the KDA Agricultural Marketing, Advocacy and Outreach Team is to serve all Kansans through innovative programming and delivering solutions designed to create an environment that facilitates growth and expansion in agriculture while increasing pride in and awareness of the state’s largest industry – agriculture.


The Agricultural Marketing, Advocacy and Outreach team identifies with the following team goals:


  • Retain and serve current farms, ranches and agribusinesses in Kansas
  • Grow current farms, ranches and agribusinesses in Kansas
  • Expand the Kansas agriculture industry
  • Assist in maintaining/growing rural Kansas communities
  • Raising awareness of agriculture
  • Create appreciation for agriculture


The division has the following primary program areas:



Kansas agriculture encompasses bulk commodities, livestock, food, fiber, energy and animal health.

Services Provided

Public Policy and Government Relations

  • Kansas Business Issues
  • Small Business Policy

Business Planning

  • Demographic/Census Data
  • Forming a Business
  • Identification/Research of Foreign Markets
  • Market Plan Development
  • Market Research

Operations and Logistics

  • Freight and Distribution
  • Health and Safety Training

Import and Export Assistance

  • Financial Assistance for Exporting Activities
  • Identification/Research of Foreign Markets
  • Import/Export Certification and Licensing
  • Locating Foreign Distributors


  • Market Research

Economic and Site Development

  • Site Location Assistance

Regulatory Compliance

  • Environmental Compliance
  • Government Requirements
  • International Regulatory Compliance
  • Registration, Licenses and Permits
  • Trademark and Copyright Information


  • International Trade Training
  • Marketing Plan Training

Product Development

  • Product Design and Development

Starting a Business

  • Forming a Business
  • Registration, Licenses and Permits
  • Startup Business Counseling

Buying or Selling a Business

  • Purchasing an Existing Business

Internship Programs and Student Services

  • Internship Program