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Stop wondering “what if” and start planning “what’s next.”

To help you think through where you are and what you need (or what you might’ve missed when you started your biz), we’ve created a Maker Thinksheet just for you. It’ll help you sculpt that hobby into (if you so choose) a business and take those first steps as a small-business owner.

Download your Maker Thinksheet that’ll help you get started with some real-world perspective:

  • Dream (Why are you starting a business?)
  • Think (Who is my ideal customer? Who is my competition?)
  • Make (What makes my product different? How will I market and advertise?)
  • Pay your bills (How will my business make money?)

… and more.

No matter where you are on your journey—just exploring what this “business” thing is all about and if you can pull it off, figuring out your pricing and distribution, doing market research and sussing out your competitors, looking for new customers and markets, developing out your social media or marketing strategy, scaling to a brick-and-mortar location—we can help. Reach out to us anytime at 816-235-6500. Our services are always free. Thanks for being awesome!



Makers don’t let makers flounder and struggle when help is close at hand. Share this with a maker you know who needs a little extra (ahem, free) help.

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