Digital Sandbox KC Welcomes 5 Innovative Startups into Its Ecosystem for Q3 2023

Digital Sandbox KC Q3 2023 awardees

Digital Sandbox KC Welcomes 5 Innovative Startups into Its Ecosystem for Q3 2023

Digital Sandbox KC has announced it has accepted five new startups joining its program that will each receive up to $20,000 in project funding. These companies have demonstrated exceptional potential for growth and innovation, and their inclusion in Digital Sandbox KC reflects the organization’s commitment to fostering technological advancement and entrepreneurship in the region. 

“The caliber of founders we’ve seen in these startups is truly exceptional,” says Jill Meyer, senior director of Technology Venture Studio, which houses Digital Sandbox KC. “Their industry experience and dedication are the cornerstones of their potential success, and we’re excited to be a part of their journey. Digital Sandbox KC continues to play a pivotal role in nurturing entrepreneurship and innovation, fostering a vibrant ecosystem of startups and tech-driven businesses.” 

From offering convenient lodging to health care employees to creating innovative construction materials from recycled plastic, these startups are poised to make huge waves in their respective industries. 

These five companies join 188 other startups that have participated in the program since 2013. Read more about the impact of the Sandbox in the Digital Sandbox KC 2023 Impact Report.

In addition to receiving up to $20,000 in project funding, startups in the program gain access to the Technology Venture Studio community and technical project support. To submit your idea and pitch to the Sandbox, apply for the next quarter at

We are honored to partner with this group of companies as we help them lay the groundwork for the future of their startup. Meet the five new companies joining the Sandbox. 

A Traveled Path Homes (Overland Park, Kansas) 

A Traveled Path Homes is a tech startup in the lodging industry, offering a solution to health care employees who are challenged with finding safe, affordable and convenient lodging for their mid-term rental needs. 

“We are grateful to be a recipient of the Digital Sandbox KC grant and even more excited to be a part of the Sandbox family,” says Shapree’ Marshall, founder and CEO. “With the funding, we plan to implement key functionality features and security metrics and accelerate our product’s launch.” 

MedCurate (Leawood, Kansas) 

MedCurate is Uber for health care staffing. The startup’s platform removes the middle-man — staffing agencies — to save health providers money and maximize on the ‘gig’ economy to create a qualified, adaptable health care workforce of the future. 

“Digital Sandbox KC funding will support our work over the next six months to get us to market, after updating UI/UX and creating our website and mobile application,” says Ashley McClellan, founder and CEO. 

Mentor Mentee (Kansas City, Missouri) 

Mentor Mentee is a specialized SAAS platform that supports employers and new technicians in their growth and career paths. Mentor Mentee’s platform is available via the web, iOS and Android.  

“Securing funding from Digital Sandbox KC is a game-changer for Mentor Mentee,” says CEO Ryan Weber. “This financial boost allows us to accelerate our platform’s development and continue to fuel the engine that transfers wisdom from one generation of technicians to the next.”  

RJ Building Materials (Kansas City, Missouri)  

RJ Building Materials creates innovative construction materials from recycled plastic using proprietary formulations and pressing methods. Structural sheathing panels exhibit improved strength, durability and environmental friendliness. 

“Digital Sandbox KC will allow us to obtain a hydraulic press and achieve full sized construction panels for demonstration and sales purposes,” says Reda Ibrahim, founder and CEO. “Utilizing recycled plastic in novel construction materials is a huge opportunity, allowing for more durable, flexible products and helps solve a huge environmental problem. The Sandbox is propelling the circular economy and helping our company grow.”  

Tributum Tech (Leawood, Kansas) 

Tributum Tech is a private market investment compliance platform with an initial focus on Section 1202 of the Internal Revenue Code (Qualified Small Business Stock). 

“Digital Sandbox KC will enable us to complete our user interface and finalize the Tributum MVP product, thereby allowing us to begin targeting and selling to the market and onboarding users,” says Christopher Small, co-founder and CEO.

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