Determination, Incorporated

Determination, Incorporated is a nonprofit based in the Kansas City metro that creates a pathway to opportunity for formerly incarcerated people through entrepreneurship.


Determination, Incorporated empowers formerly incarcerated people to seize employment and entrepreneurial opportunity in residential construction. The organization is building a community of formerly incarcerated entrepreneurs who run service-based businesses that are supporting one another on their reentry to society and entrepreneurial journeys.


The organizations believes formerly incarcerated people, by starting viable, hiring businesses, will help to solve the problem of recidivism and ultimately end mass incarceration.


What we do:


  • Back to Business: An in-prison workshop prepares returning citizens with a business and action plan so they can hit the ground running upon release.
  • Be the Boss: A business support group that helps formerly incarcerated people receive the knowledge and guidance they need to succeed as entrepreneurs.
  • Rise Up, Get Started – Second-chance entrepreneurs complete a business plan and save money to put toward their endeavor. After saving $300, the organization triples its savings and helps them grow their business.

Services Provided

Business Planning

  • Business Plan Consulting, Development and Review (Specialty)
  • Forming a Business (Specialty)

Networking Organizations

  • Demographically Based (Specialty)


  • Business Plan Training and Assistance (Specialty)
  • Startup Classes (Specialty)

Starting a Business

  • Startup Business Counseling (Specialty)
  • Startup Classes (Specialty)


  • One-on-One Counseling (Specialty)
  • Peer Mentoring
Contact Information
Kyle J Benson-Smith
4747 Troost
Suite 207
Kansas City, MO 64110