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What does corporate engagement look like for your company? And how would you like to get involved to open more doors and build better, stronger partnerships between corporations, universities and entrepreneurs?

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How do you want to be involved?

Note: Corporations engage with entrepreneurs and small businesses in five strategic ways, depending on what the corporation wants to achieve.

  • Sponsorship Exchanges help corporations build external brand awareness.
  • People, Place and Product Exchanges (mentoring, advisory boards, shared office space, networking, etc.) illustrate corporate responsibility as they reinvigorate a corporation’s intrapreneurial culture.
  • R&D Exchanges (prototyping, tech transfer, accelerators/incubators, talent development) feed corporate innovation and market resilience.
  • Customer & Vendor Sourcing (supply chain) and Investment Exchanges (acquisitions, spinoffs and direct investment) open new markets and increased returns.

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Kansas City is rapidly becoming known nationally as a hot bed of entrepreneurial activity as risk takers are finding Kansas City a welcoming and supportive community. Kansas City is building America's strongest and most comprehensive entrepreneurial ecosystem.

—Peter J. Desilva, Former President And COO UMB Financial Corporation.