Making KC America's
Most Entrepreneurial City


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To become America’s most entrepreneurial city, Kansas City must open the doors between corporations, universities and entrepreneurs.

The latest KCSourceLink We Create report reveals how five key exchanges can elevate Kansas City’s status as a top region for startup and business activity.

Download We Create Corporate Engagement

KCSourceLink's We Create Corporate Engagement report explores how strategic exchanges between corporations, universities and entrepreneurs benefit our city and region to elevate Kansas City’s status as a top region for startup activity. Download the report to find out:

  • the importance of corporate engagement to our entrepreneurial community
  • examples of corporate engagement in Kansas City and beyond
  • how to measure the impacts and outcomes of corporate engagement
  • how corporations can best engage and meet their objectives through the five strategic exchanges

Meeting the ambitious goal of becoming America’s most entrepreneurial city requires an unprecedented level of partnership among everyone, including regional entrepreneurs, investors, businesses, nonprofit groups, lenders, educators, public officials and residents, to create a more cohesive and better-funded entrepreneurial ecosystem, for now and in the future.

What does corporate engagement look like for your company?

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Have questions or comments about the We Create Corporate Engagement report or want to know how to get involved? Contact us at 816-235-6500 or a info@kcsourcelink.com.

Download We Create Corporate Engagement

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Kansas City is rapidly becoming known nationally as a hot bed of entrepreneurial activity as risk takers are finding Kansas City a welcoming and supportive community. Kansas City is building America's strongest and most comprehensive entrepreneurial ecosystem.

—Peter J. Desilva, Former President And COO UMB Financial Corporation.