The City of Harrisonville, MO – Community Development Department

The city of Harrisonville, Missouri Community Development Department was originally established in 1988 to enhance Harrisonville’s business climate by bringing jobs and capital investment into the city. In 2001, the department’s focus was broadened to include planning as well as economic development. By combining the department’s functions, the Community Development Department now takes a more comprehensive approach to coordinate the growth and development of Harrisonville.


Services / Programs 

The Community Development Department maintains demographic and socioeconomic information on Harrisonville and Cass County. It also houses marketing materials, which highlight available land and building sites in the area. City staff work with a variety of local and regional agencies in promoting Harrisonville’s coordinated development. 


Owning & Operating a Business in Harrisonville 

Each business operating or providing service inside the corporate city limits of Harrisonville is required to have the appropriate city business license before beginning operation. The license includes a flat fee, the amount of which might vary depending on the type of business. Please see Section 605.010 of the Harrisonville Code of Ordinances. Other state and federal licenses may also be required, depending on the type of business. Business licenses for all non-construction and non-trade business classifications are issued by the city collector. 

  • Any general contractor, electrician, HVAC, plumber or other construction-based businesses are required to obtain a contractor/business license from the City Community Development Office and must provide all required certification and necessary insurances, as required by state statute. Visit the licensing and permit portal to apply for a license. To contact the City Community Development Office, call 816-380-8958. 
  • Retail merchants and any business that collects sales tax must present a Letter of No Tax Due issued by the Missouri Department of Revenue when obtaining or renewing a business license. Retail businesses located in one of the state’s Transportation Development Districts will be required to charge an additional 1% sales tax and complete a form for the state when applying for a city business license. Visit the licensing and permit portal to apply for a license. To contact the city collector, call (816) 380-8908. 

Services Provided

Business Planning

  • Demographic/Census Data

Networking Organizations

  • Geographically Based

Economic and Site Development

  • Site Location Assistance
  • Tax Credits

Regulatory Compliance

  • Codes
  • Registration, Licenses and Permits

Human Resources

  • Workforce Incentives

Starting a Business

  • Forming a Business
  • Registration, Licenses and Permits
  • Site Location
Contact Information
Jim Clarke
300 E Pearl St
PO Box 367
Harrisonville, MO 64701
(816) 380-8906