K-State Olathe Food Innovation Accelerator

K-State Olathe’s Incubator Kitchen provides facilities and expertise to support the food industry with startups, new products, scaling up, optimizing processes and R&D in analytics, microbiology, consumer panels and logistics.


K-State Olathe’s Incubator Kitchen is an outgrowth of and collaboration with the Kansas Value Added Food Lab and is housed at the Olathe campus of Kansas State University. It is a blend of facilities and expertise to provide support to the food industry, including startups, new product lines, scaling up or optimizing existing processes.


Additionally, other R&D capabilities related to food analytics, microbiology, sensory/consumer panels and other logistics in the supply chain provide a unique spectrum of food-industry-related needs through the Olathe campus.


Current facilities in the Kitchen Incubator consist of multiple work areas, including three zones which can be configured to match space and equipment with variable needs. Services include quality, nutritional and microbial testing, product development consulting and help with regulatory and food safety issues. Food Safety and food handler training is also available. 


Innovation in all aspects of the functions described is a hallmark of Kansas State University Olathe. Further information about the the Sensory and Consumer Research Center at K-State Olathe can be found at: http://olathe.k-state.edu/centers-institutes/ConsumerResearch.html or by calling 913.307.7355.

Services Provided

Operations and Logistics

  • Health and Safety Training

Office, Incubator, Accelerator, Laboratory, Kitchen and Meeting Space

  • Commercial Kitchen Facilities
  • Incubator Space


  • Health and Safety Training
Contact Information
Bryan Severns
22201 W Innovation Dr
Olathe, KS 66061
(913) 541-1488