Running the Business/Incubators


Running the Business/Incubators

Find top talent, match with a mentor, work with an incubator.

The first thing outside investors look at is the management team. Not just you, but those you bring together to help you achieve your mission. The lore in the venture capital industry is to take an “A” team over a “B” idea every time.

So, you’ll need to know what you know and what you don’t know, so you can augment your skill set in those you hire. Getting the top talent you need may require creative compensation packages. You’ll need to be able to read financials and communicate effectively with investors, customers, employees. Mentors and advisors will be invaluable. You may find that the equipment and/or atmosphere of an incubator will be a launch pad for your business. And look for help protecting your intellectual property.


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Bridge Space

Bridge Space is the first coworking space and entrepreneur incubator in downtown Lee's Summit, Missouri. The organization has private offices, programming to accelerate businesses and plenty of space for coworking.

Specializes in: Incubator Space

Charlotte Street Foundation

Charlotte Street Foundation identifies the needs and fuels the evolution of an ever-changing multidisciplinary arts ecosystem, acting as its primary provocateur. It cultivates the contemporary, the exceptional and the unexpected in the practice of artists working in and engaging with the art community in the Kansas City region.

Specializes in: Incubator Space

Ennovation Center

The Ennovation Center is a dynamic business development incubator spanning over 28,000 square feet, featuring a range of specialized facilities and services to support the growth and success of its clients.

The facility offers several distinct business specialties, including a shared commercial kitchen space, bio-safety Level 1 labs, and a business and tech area offering dedicated workspaces, temporary workspaces, offices, conference rooms, office suites and production labs.

Specializes in: Incubator Space

Innovation Stockyard

he Innovation Stockyard operates the Kit Bond Science and Technology Incubator on the campus of Missouri Western State University with a focus on economic and workforce development, and animal health and nutrition.

Specializes in: Incubator Space

Mid-Continent Public Library Culinary Center

The Mid-Continent Public Library Culinary Center is a destination and resource for anyone interested in learning more about food and culinary entrepreneurship. Housed in the Green Hills Library Center, the Culinary Center features a teaching and demonstration kitchen and two shared commercial kitchens for use by startup food businesses.

Specializes in: Incubator Space

The Sewing Labs

The Sewing Labs is a nonprofit community resource center providing classes and jobs training in sewing-related arts in the Kansas City community. The newest program, The Sewing Salon Training Program, provides an unconventional entrepreneurial hub for marginalized and at-risk individuals to develop their sewing businesses.

The Sewing Labs is an inclusive and welcoming community teaching the legacy of sewing for employment, entrepreneurship and enrichment.

Specializes in: Incubator Space

Black Economic Union of Greater Kansas City

The Black Economic Union of Kansas City is a not-for-profit Community Development Corporation located in the historic Lincoln building at 18th and Vine Kansas City MO. The Black Economic Union of Kansas City was founded in 1968 by Jim Brown, Cleveland Browns football star turned actor, and Curtis McClinton, former Kansas City Chiefs Halfback, and is the oldest of Kansas City's 13 Community Development Corporations.

InterUrban ArtHouse

InterUrban ArtHouse is creating a regional hub where artists can work and prosper in an affordable, sustainable and inclusive environment to drive innovation, economic vibrancy and community culture.

K-State Olathe Food Innovation Accelerator

K-State Olathe's Incubator Kitchen provides facilities and expertise to support the food industry with startups, new products, scaling up, optimizing processes and R&D in analytics, microbiology, consumer panels and logistics.

KU Innovation Park

KU Innovation Park, with locations at both the University of Kansas Lawrence Campus and Kansas University Medical Center in Kansas City, Kansas, is the largest incubator system in the state. It is comprised of three separate facilities totaling approximately 90,000 square feet of wet lab, office space and shared work spaces.

Northeast Kansas City Chamber of Commerce

NEKCCC strives to be a financially sound, well-managed business association that enhances the quality of life and economic competitiveness in the Historic, contemporary and multicultural district of KCMO.

The Black MasterMind Group Charitable Foundation

The Black MasterMind Group Charitable Foundation is designed to create strategies to help the Black entrepreneurial community start, stabilize, sustain and scale businesses. It educates, trains, coaches, mentors, develops and provides funding initiatives

The Porter House KC

The Porter House KC is a inner city based co-working community who provides entrepreneurship access and resources to underserved populations in the Kansas City Metro area. Our mission is to be a bridge for underrepresented individuals that typically don't have access to the entrepreneurial dream.

Wet Labs

Innovation Stockyard

he Innovation Stockyard operates the Kit Bond Science and Technology Incubator on the campus of Missouri Western State University with a focus on economic and workforce development, and animal health and nutrition.

Specializes in: Wet Lab Incubator


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