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GEWKC Kickoff Breakfast: The Future of the World

The Art of the Solo Entrepreneur

Strategically Driving Innovation

Business Interruption Means Lost Profits: Can You Afford Downtime?

Emerging Innovation Districts in the KC Entrepreneur Ecosystem

Info Session on U.S. Small Business Administration Programs and Services

Pause. Think. Create.

Solopreneurship 101

Content Marketing for Startups

Get Paid To Speak

Grind Pretty + Novel City Presents: Pretty Successful Women’s Excelerator

Is Your Business Cybersecure? 7 Steps to Keep Safe from Data Breaches and Hacks

Makers and Creators Guide to Social Media

Ready for Work? How You Can Hire Formerly Incarcerated People

Sharper at Any Age

How to Start a Business with No Money

Navigating Employee Benefits on a Startup Budget

Pricing for Makers: How to Maximize the Value of Artisanal Products

What Is UX, and Why Do I Need It?

Conquer for Good: The Balance of Purpose and Profit

Do It for the 'Gram

Get Inspired: Startup Success Stories from Female IT Entrepreneurs

Intellectual Property 101 for Makers and Creators

Regulatory Evaluation of Emerging Technologies and Disruptive Business Models

The Art of Creating a Novel Brand

Connect with KC Entrepreneurship

A Toothpick and a Napkin: Is Entrepreneurship for You?

Introduction to Blockchain

Organizing a 501(c)(3)

Say What? The Best Business Advice I Ever Got

Secrets to Attracting Hispanic Consumers to Your Brand

So You Want to Build an App

10 Tech Tips for Big Changes to Your Small Business

Building an Equitable and Inclusive Ecosystem for Second-Stage Businesses

Graphic Design for Business

Maker Time and Task Management

Naked Networking

Young Entrepreneurs Showcase


Entrepreneurial Mindset for Workforce Engagement: Not Just for Small Biz Anymore

Finding Your Silent (Not So Silent) Partner: Creating Supportive Solopreneur Partnerships to Grow Your Maker Business

Leveraging LinkedIn

Purposeful Organization: Leveraging Your Human Capital

Youth Entrepreneurs in the Classroom

Becoming a Local Brand, Globally: Preparing for the Digital Shopper

How Youth Entrepreneurial Education Reduces Violence

Navigating Instagram for Your DIY Biz

Sharing, Pitching or Just Chatting?

Social Media Tips and Tricks for Solopreneurs

Squash the Stress

The Founder’s Rollercoaster: KC Entrepreneurs Share a Frank Discussion

3 Forces Changing the World

How to Navigate Digital Marketing

Search Engine Optimization, Library Resources and Keywords: Unlocking Keywords’ Power

Staying True to You in Business

Why Your Business Value Matters

Youth Entrepreneurs: Disruptus Activity

Business Resource Fair

Cheap and Easy Hacks to Make Your Videos Look Professional

Entrepreneur Ecosystem Strategic Plan for Local Government

Expanding Your Business via Franchising

How to Use Influencer Marketing to Empower Your Business

Lebron James Hiring: How Recruiting the Right Talent Can Double Your Firms Value

Innovation Exchange: Hustle in the Making

How to Sell on Amazon as a Brand

Jeopardy v2.0 - tAXED

Making Meaningful Change in Neighborhoods

Misconceptions and Negative Perceptions About How Women Are Viewed in Business

Mobilizing the Next Generation of Entrepreneurs

Passport to Freedom: Youthpreneurs in Business

Scaling as a Maker

Top 10 Storytelling Techniques to Support Your Business

Building Believability®

Discovering Customer Value with Your Business Model Canvas

HERImpact: Female Entrepreneurs Who Started with Try and Grew to Thrive

Houston, We Have a Problem. But I Have the Solution

Introduction to Opening a Food Business

GEWKC 1 Million Cups

Advertising Your Food Business on Social Media

Beyond Support: Activate Your Network and Thrive

Marketing Plans: They're Necessary

Provide a Service? Learn How to Get Your Clients to Love You

Tell Your Story So People Just Get It

Write The Vision

Buying and Selling Ownership Interests in WBE/MBE/DBE/SBA 8(a) & Veteran Owned Firms & Succession Planning Tips

iWerx Gladstone: Celebration at Happy Rock

5 Gestures of Trust: A New Framework to Evaluate Customer-Business Relationships

Can My Idea Become a Reality?

Effective Storytelling on Social Media

GUILDit Forum: Artists Adrienne Hoard and Clarissa Knighten

Use Data to Drive Sales in your Food Business

AltCap Your Biz Competition: Closing the Deal

Minority and Women Business Certification by the State of Kansas

Need Marketing Help? What to Expect When Hiring Professional Freelancers

The Power of Big Audacious Meaning

What Do You Really Mean? Decoding Customer Feedback During Research and Reviews

Where Do Entrepreneurship and the Church Intersect?

AltCap Your Biz Competition: Winner Announcement and Happy Hour

Clarify Your Message to Grow Your Business

Keys to great customer relations

Managing You: Groundwork for Success

Questioning Strategies

Retirement Planning for Your Business

Social Entrepreneurism

What Are the Secrets to Success for KC’s Entrepreneurs?

An Idea Is Not Enough: You Need a Business Concept

Creating a Mission Statement and Elevator Pitch

First Time Entrepreneur: Your Idea Awaits

Get Legit: Corporate Law Considerations for Entrepreneurs and Early Stage Companies

Hear from Amazon, Google, Facebook and Constant Contact on Using Digital Tools to Start, Run, and Grow Your Business

Software and IT Services: Selling into the UK and Europe

Turning Your Disadvantage into Your Multimillion-Dollar Advantage

Working Across Countries and Cultures: What It Means for Entrepreneurs

How to Add Crypto as a Form of Payment at Your Business

How to Prep for a Commercial Loan or Investors

INJOY and Positivity

Successful Strategies to Develop, Fund, and Market Your Technology

Cease and Desist? What to Do When Your Intellectual Property Rights Are Violated

Ingredients for Business Success

Inventory Control for Small Businesses

The ABC's of Working Craft Fairs Like a Boss

The Connection: Where Bookkeeping and Taxes Meet

Avoid Top Tax Mistakes That Small Businesses Make

Calling All Makers: The Hustle 101

DIY Branding for (Scrappy) Entrepreneurs

Home-Based Business Support Group

Podcast as Part of Your Content Marketing Strategy


What's Behind Door No. 3?

Building and Growing a Sales Organization

Maker Power: How to Use Your Creative Nature for Business Success.

Midwest Funding Showcase

Protect Your Income and Your Business

Sit Still. Move Faster.

Abundant Growth: Secrets to Growing Black Women-Owned Businesses

Brand Awareness in the Modern Day

How to Scale Your Business Using Data Driven Messenger Marketing and Retargeting Campaigns

Lessons Learned: How to Dodge Legal Landmines

Operations and Systems for Your Social Enterprise

Party With A Purpose: Late Afternoon

Storytelling: The Only Way to Start and Scale

Project United Knowledge Chicken & Waffles Demo Day

Business Growth for Faith Based Organizations

How to Become an Entrepreneur in 75 Minutes

ICOs, STOs and Crowdfunding: What's Right for My Business?

Making Sure Your Business Builds Wealth For Yourself

Marketing Strategies to Move Your Idea to the Market

Pitch and Paint!

The Gig Economy Revisited: Failure, Corporate Life and Hustle

Business Growth Essentials

Don’t Just Show Up: A How-To Guide for Trade Shows

Herspace Fireside Chats

Surviving Failure

What I Wish I’d Known Before We Made Our First Million

Who are you? Who am I?

Legal Tax Sheltering

Scaling Your Culture Starts with You

The New Crowdfunding is Cryptofunding: How to Get Started as a Lender or Borrower

The Qualities of a Leader

The Value and Versatility of Quality Visuals

The Value of Mentoring Entrepreneurs

BlackTech Ecosystem Builders Day

Add the Tools of Intellectual Property to Your Entrepreneurial Toolbag

Chase Your Passion

How to Scale Your Business Using Social Media

Online Marketing Strategies for Small Business Owners

Post-GEWKC Processing: Ideas, Connections and Goals ... Oh, My!

10 Critical Components to Confidently Create a Successful Client Practice

Beginner's Basics of Patents and IP Protection

Creating Your Own Brand in a Market Dominated by Giant Corporations

How to Leverage Radio Advertising to Draw Potential Clients

Team Building and Networking

The Alternative: Self-Funding Your Scaling Company

Branding Bootcamp: The Importance of Building a Brand

Creating a Great Training Program

Designing Your Business for Balance Instead of Burnout

Psychology Behind the Sale

Time, Money, Purpose and Vision

A Wrap-Up Celebration

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