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GEWKC is now officially accepting sessions proposals for this year’s Global Entrepreneurship Week, celebrated here in Kansas City and in 170+ countries worldwide from Nov. 14-20, 2022. 

But first, what is GEW and how is it celebrated by Kansas City’s vibrant entrepreneurship ecosystem of entrepreneurs, investors, innovators, policy makers and startup and small business champions? 

Let’s break it down . . . 


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November 14-20, 2022

GEW around the World


GEW in Kansas City


What is Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW)? 

Each year, Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) is celebrated worldwide with tens of thousands of events, entrepreneurship conferences, workshops, connections and competitions in the third week of November. GEW activities have inspired millions of people to explore their potential as entrepreneurs and connect with their local entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Powered by the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, Global Entrepreneurship Week has expanded to 170+ nations since its launch in 2008.

▪️ How is GEW celebrated in Kansas City? 

Global Entrepreneurship Week-Kansas City is one of the world’s largest celebrations of GEW and entrepreneurship. Each year, #GEWKC crowdsources hundreds of sessions from entrepreneurs and community partners (like you!) who freely, willingly and passionately share their knowledge, insights and experience with the entrepreneurship community. 

▪️ Who attends GEWKC?

Entrepreneurs, small business owners, innovators, investors, policy makers, city leaders, small business champions—anyone who wants to know more about entrepreneurship and get connected to KC’s vibrant entrepreneurship ecosystem.

All GEWKC sessions are free and open to the public. 

▪️ When is GEWKC?

We’ll celebrate entrepreneurship with the world, Nov. 14-20, 2022.

▪️ Where is GEWKC?

GEWKC will be hosted at a centralized basecamp (location to be announced soon!) and all around Kansas City.

Will you host your session at basecamp or in the community? It’s the best of both worlds: we reunite and unite to celebrate KC’s entrepreneurship community with you (in-person!) at basecamp AND recognize how entrepreneurship shapes city blocks and communities across the KC metro region. 

▪️ How is GEWKC organized?

That’s where YOU come in!

GEWKC 2022 will  feature community-led sessions on topics of greatest interest to attendees – and we invite you to help lead these sessions! 

The GEWKC planning committee is seeking session proposals from a diverse group of organizations and presenters that offer a wide range of perspectives. The committee reviews all the proposals and then curates GEWKC sessions that have the widest and most relevant appeal to attendees. 

Basecamp is back! A limited number of proposals will be selected for our in-person basecamp. (More on that below.)

KCSourceLink, a program of the Innovation Center at the University of Missouri-Kansas City, hosts Global Entrepreneurship Week in Kansas City each year in partnership with the greater KC community. KCSourceLink and the GEWKC planning committee are committed to a positive, harassment-free experience for all participants. Our anti-discrimination and anti-harassment policies can be found here

▪️ Timeline for GEWKC Event Proposals

  • Call for Proposals Opens: July 14, 2022 
  • GEWKC Session Proposal Workshop(s): Zoom sessions will be offered at the dates below to help those who need support creating a quality proposal: Tuesday, Aug. 2, 3 - 4:30 p.m. - Register for Aug. 2 OR Friday, Aug. 12, 9:30 – 11 a.m. - Register for Aug. 12
  • Proposals Due: Sunday, Aug. 28, 2022, 11:59 p.m.
  • Proposal Review Period: Aug. 29 – Sept 15
  • Presenters Informed of Selection Decision: Sept. 16 – Oct. 1 
  • GEWKC sessions open for registration at Oct. 1
  • GEWKC is a go!: Nov. 14–20, 2022


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If you have questions about the process or your session idea, call 816-235-6500 or email

GEWKC Tracks

GEWKC sessions will be curated into five tracks:

Startups: The Startups Track is for those who are looking to dip their toes into a new business venture or who are up and running yet still need help navigating business ownership.


Scalers: The Scalers Track is for business that have survived the startup phase, but have not yet reached maturity. These business owners are eager to grow their businesses.


Inclusive Community Builders: The Inclusive Communities Track provides education and insight into how business owners and community leaders can improve access to resources and opportunity, for anyone who wants to start a business, grow a business or advance entrepreneurship in Kansas City.

Makers, Artists and Creators: The Makers, Artists and Creators Track is a haven of inspiration and education for anyone who makes or creates—brewers, distillers, bakers, inventors, crafters. If you don’t think you fit the mold of a typical entrepreneur—think again! We’ve “made” a track just for you.

Youthpreneurs: The Youth Track helps aspiring and established youth entrepreneurs–from grade school through college–get connected with resources and inspiration to pursue their entrepreneurial path.

The GEWKC planning committee is also considering hosting themed days around food businesses, innovation and other curated topics or audiences.

How do you submit a session for GEWKC 2022?

This year, GEWKC will once again crowdsource breakout sessions (created and submitted by you! free and open to the public!) on topics of critical importance to entrepreneurs, ecosystem builders and community stakeholders.

Anyone can submit a session for consideration to this year’s Global Entrepreneurship Week in Kansas City—business owners with been-there-down-that experience and insights; business-building organizations who help entrepreneurs reach their next milestones; policy influencers and makers with updates on how entrepreneurship is supported in Kansas City; corporate leaders with information on how entrepreneurs and small business owners can better work with them; leaders who can share how entrepreneurship has helped build dreams, lives and communities.  

All GEWKC sessions are free and open to the public.

Need some ideas on what types of events are GEWKC-ready?
Click here to jump down for some examples of past and successful GEWKC sessions.

▪️ How long are GEWKC sessions?

This year, the GEWKC planning committee will consider sessions in two formats*: 

  1. Short Format: 60-minute total session with no more than 30-40 minutes of presentation and leaving at least 20 minutes of discussion, hands on workshop, Q&A or networking. 
  2. Long Format: 90-minute total session with at least 20-minutes for a facilitated discussion or hands-on workshop and 10-minutes of Q&A. 

* Other formats will be considered, but please reflect the value added to the audience when creating an alternative format. 

To maximize the impact and relevance of each session, applicants may be asked to work with one another to combine proposals into a single session. This will allow GEWKC to include as many voices and perspectives as possible.

▪️ How to submit an event for GEWKC basecamp:

A limited number of sessions will be selected for GEWKC basecamp, with additional sessions hosted virtually or at locations around the KC metro (your choice!). 

If you’d like your event to be considered for GEWKC basecamp, but sure to check the box on the GEWKC submission form. 

▪️ Here’s what to consider when you propose a session for basecamp:

  • Those sessions curated into GEWKC basecamp will be allotted space and AV equipment to execute their session.
  • Sessions must follow the GEWKC format listed above. 
  • The GEWKC committee will assign sessions to timeslots. 

The GEWKC planning committee may reach out for additional insights into your curriculum. They may also ask session hosts to collaborate with other hosts to develop a more comprehensive session.

▪️ How to submit a GEWKC community session:

Those hosting their session virtually or at another location can still be a part of the #GEWKC energy and promotion. You’ll use the same form to submit your session.

And do consider the following: 

  • Community hosts are responsible for providing their location and any equipment necessary to execute your session.
  • Selected sessions will be featured in the itinerary for GEWKC.
  • Registration for your session will be run through the GEW electronic platform.  
  • The GEWKC platform will also support the streaming of your session on your preferred streaming platform. (Streaming is optional.)


Ready to roll? Submit your GEWKC event!

Submit your GEWKC proposal

If you have questions about the process or your session idea, call 816-235-6500 or email

More Tips for GEWKC Sessions and Presenters

What the GEWKC planning committee looks for . . .

To increase your chances of your session being selected for GEWKC, we strongly suggest that you: 

  • Share practical, actionable information that helps participants to start businesses, scale/grow businesses or engage with the entrepreneurial community.
  • Go in-depth rather than staying broad — sessions that skim the surface usually draw less attendance and less favorable feedback.
  • Consider the diversity of your presenters (race, ethnicity, gender) as well as the communities and industries they are affiliated with (rural/urban market, small/large asset size, financing sector).
  • Include presenters from two or more organizations with multiple perspectives − As an example: when preparing a session on access to capital, consider including a borrower, partner organization or community representative.
  • The GEWKC planning committee will work diligently to select a solid mix of strong event proposals offering value to a range of audiences and levels of experience. 
  • We do our best to accommodate as many strong proposals as we can. As stated above, we may do this by asking people who propose related topics to combine their ideas into a single session.

▪️ Some examples of past (and well-attended) GEWKC sessions . . .

Below are three sample session descriptions to help you craft your GEWKC session and proposal.

*Titles are important! They are the first introduction people get to your session and often the only part of your session that is immediately visible in GEWKC promotions and printed materials. Mystery is fun, but getting specific lets people know what your session is about. 

Which of KC’s 240+ Nonprofit Resources Can Help Your Business?
Hosted by KCSourceLink 

So, you want to start or grow your business, but you’re not sure who can help or what step to take next. This session will show you how to leverage and connect with Kansas City’s amazing entrepreneur network of hundreds of organizations, experts, coaches, events and more to help your business (or nonprofit or business idea) reach the next level.

How to Access Alternative Financing
Hosted by AltCap 

Learn how alternative financing can help you start and grow your small business. We will dispel some of the lending and finance myths and prepare you to become finance ready. We will also explore best practices and help you prepare to realize your dream.

Comeback KC Ventures Demo Day
Hosted by Kansas City Digital Drive

The Comeback KC Ventures program is designed to highlight new solutions that have emerged in response to COVID-19 and to support entrepreneurs as they develop these solutions into products, service lines and businesses. Our first Demo Day will allow early participants in the program a chance to show off what they have been working on. 

▪️ A few last, yet important things . . . 

Here are a few policies to guide your proposal and its promotion. 

GEWKC 2022 Platform: Session presenters will be required to add their session to 2022 GEWKC Platform, Sched, even if the event is in person. Once added to the platform, sessions speakers will be able to manager their profiles, upload their presentations, edit their session descriptions and more. The GEWKC planning committee cannot provide compensation or reimbursement to presenters. 

Session Organizer: The Session Organizer is the primary contact for all communications regarding the selected proposal and the session. The Session Organizer assumes full responsibility for the design of the session, coordination of all session presenters (if applicable), submission of all presenter and session materials, compliance with the GEWKC planning committee’s  deadlines and successful session delivery. 

All GEWKC sessions must be offered at no cost to the greater Kansas City community. 

Session Scheduling: The GEWKC planning committee will determine the scheduling of all sessions selected to be held at basecamp. The time you select on your application is your preferred time and does not mean your session will be selected for that time slot. By confirming your final selection, you agree to be available for any of the times designated for sessions from November 14-20. 

General community sessions will have the flexibility to select their preferred time for their sessions but may be encouraged to select alternative times that would provide additional visibility and attendance. 

Want to propose more than one session? Or a single session at multiple times?
You certainly can! Please submit each session proposal separately. 

▪️ GEWKC Proposal Submission Instructions

You made it! Here’s your end-of-page reminders.

Proposals are due by 11:59 pm CST on August 28, 2022. Proposals will not be accepted later than this date. And may we gently suggest you submit your event early to avoid any complications?  

If you have questions on how to submit a proposal or about the content of your event, please call 816-235-6500 or email Support is available Monday-Friday 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. 


Ready to roll? Submit your GEWKC event!

Submit your GEWKC proposal

If you have questions about the process or your session idea, call 816-235-6500 or email

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