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Pedal Power

By Sarah Mote | Nov 19, 2015

Family Bicycle

Family Bicycles, LLC
Theresa M. Van Ackeren | Kansas City, MO | Main Street

She quit her corporate job. She spent several months sleeping in and riding her bicycle. And then it hit her. Theresa M. Van Ackeren decided to open a bicycle shop.

Van Ackeren spent the next six months doing recon and gathering intel. She researched other bike shops, wrote a business plan and learned all she could about commercial real estate. But all along Van Ackeren came back to this: she wanted to provide a safe place to explore bicycle riding.

“Many of our customers come to us because they feel unsure about bicycles and how to ride in a city,” says Ackeren. “The world is awash with too much information and Family Bicycles works to give you the information you need to make bicycling enjoyable.”

What you do:

You don’t have to be a racer to ride a bike! Family Bicycles has bikes and accessories to fit your family’s diverse lifestyle.

Your big news:

2014 Thinking Bigger 25 under 25 Award, Justine PETERSEN microloan client, WBE Certification and provider of bicycles to City of KCMO

Which Resource Partners have you worked with?

Who has helped you build your business?

Casey Simmons and Sloan Simmons of Stuff! have been very helpful with their small business consulting and advice. My family has been invaluable providing encouragement and physical labor when needed.

What makes Kansas City a great place to start and grow a business?

Most everyone wants to see the little “guy” prevail and really does like to Shop Small and support local businesses.

What are your favorite Kansas City brands?

Two of my favorite small business in KC are Stuff! in Brookside and Bier Station in Waldo. Both of these businesses have a local following and created opportunities in markets that didn’t really exist in KC before they opened.

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