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Food for Thought at GEWKC Kickoff Breakfast: What Do Opportunity Zones Mean for Small Businesses and Investors?

Coffee Kick Off: Kick Off Your Week Networking with Like-Minded Entrepreneurs

Continued Innovation by Process and Intention

Driving Your Business Success with Optimum Strategy Execution: The 5 Essential Practices

Enneagram in Entrepreneurship: The Personality Test That Transforms Workplace Relationships

How To Crush Marketing Strategy for Entrepreneurs

Interactive Design Sprint Workshop & Presentation at Crema

Protecting your Business: Business Insurance and Risk Management 101

The Missing Link: How a Local Artist and Businessman Reduced the Cost of Care for the Homeless

The Psychology of Bonding and Rapport with Clients on a Deeper Level

The Resilient Strategy: Goals with Impact

The Value of Mentoring Entrepreneurs

Work-Life Balance Is Bogus! What to Strive for Instead?

Creative to CEO

Finding Your Funding Funnel: Raising Capital for Social Ventures

Software Bots and Automation in the Workplace: Understand the Future of Work

The Business of Freelancing: Where Do You Start?

The First Hat You Must Wear as an Entrepreneur

The Real Road To Success: 3 Things Every Entrepreneur Should Have

Video Made Easy: Make Great Videos Using Just Your Cellphone

Build a StoryBrand and Capture Your Customers' Attention

Every Maker Needs a Tribe: Use Your Creative Powers to Earn More and Spend Less Time Selling

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Machine Learning

How To Craft A Side Hustle

Kick-Butt Conferencing: How to Get the Most Out of GEWKC

Marketing Your Business With Graphics

Ministerial Entrepreneurship: The Secrets You Can Learn

Startup Stress: How to Handle It

Understanding Consumer Behavior to Cater Your eCommerce Experience

Won't You Be My Neighbor: The Importance of Shared Experiences in Entrepreneurship

Building Blocks for Success: Create Long- and Short-Range Goals

City Girl Lifestyle: Real-Life Experiences in the Urban Core

Is Your Business Stuck? 5 Reasons Why Your Business Won't Grow

Scale Your Business With a Data-Driven Messenger Marketing Campaign

Voice Your Value to Earn Your Worth: How to Speak to Price

What Winning Brands Are Doing on Amazon

Cheers to Entrepreneurship Happy Hour (sponsored by H&R Block)

Connecting with New People + Growing Your Audience

How to Start a Podcast

Leveraging LinkedIn: The Top 10 Ways to Use The Platform to Take Your Business to the Next Level

Rise Up, Get Started Entrepreneurship Showcase: Kansas City's First Entrepreneurship Competition for Formerly Incarcerated People

The Host with the Most Gets the Most: Maximize Your Marketing by Hosting Your Own Events

Balancing Profit and Purpose for Societal Impact

How eSports Can Be a Profitable Career

How to Generate More Referrals and Introductions

How to Hire, Train and Manage a Sales Person

Intellectual Property 101 for Makers and Creators

Learnable Security: 2 Steps to Create a Robust Security Culture

The Art of Networking Workshop

Young Entrepreneur Showcase

Pitch Perfect, From Idea to Video Production: Learn to Tell Your Story

Components for Creating a Social Media-Driven Event Campaign

Decision Framework: A Tool to Help You Make Great Decisions

How to Best Utilize the Gig Economy

How to Start or Grow a Business with Free Resources

How to Start, Build, Book Guests and Drive Revenue Through a Podcast

Supply Chain Basics for Entrepreneurs

The Art of Collaboration: Creating High Performance Teams

VITAL Leadership: The 5 Keys for Impacting Hearts and Leaving a Legacy That Endures

Entrepreneurship for Impact and Positive Change: Case Studies and Conversations

Home-Based Business Support Group

How to Find and Work with Your 'Silent, not So Silent' Partner to Build a Stronger Business

How Your Coach or Mentor Can Best Help Your Business Achieve Success

Making Your Artistic Passion Profitable

Overcoming Overwhelm: Get Clarity, Get Confident and Get Conquering

Self-Care for the Entrepreneur: Take Care of Yourself and Thrive Professionally

The Secret to Building a Social Media Marketing Community

Branding Beyond the Basics: Avoid These Common Mistakes

Community Over Competition: Yes, There IS a Right Way To Network and Lead

Dominate Your Local Market Online: Move the Needle to Drive Engagement and Reach Business Goals

Podcasting: What It Actually Is, Why It's Important, How to Do It Right

Using WordPress for eCommerce: Optimizing and Best Practices

What Lenders Want Startups to Know

What’s the Problem? How to Identify Your B2B Value and Sell More Stuff

Why You Need an Online Marketing Machine

Becoming a Local Brand, Globally: Preparing for the Digital Shopper

Booze-Free, It's Good For Business

Defining Your Target Market/Ideal Client: It's Paramount to Success

Growing Your Business with Humor, Humility and Grit: Exploring Everyday Lessons and Triumphs of Building a Business from the Ground Up

How to Take Over an Existing Business

How to Taking Over An Existing Business

How to Use Pre-Tax Retirement Funds as Business Startup Capital

Bunker Brews and the Official Launch Ceremony of Bunker Labs Kansas City

Are You Running Your Business or Is It Running You?: Get the Right Tools for Better Results

Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast...When Was the Last Time You Evaluated Your Company's Culture?

Leveraging Partnerships to Reach Your Business and Social Mission with 10X the Results

Makers Making Money: Keys To Craft Show Success

Powerhouse Presenters: Acosta & Lacy

Startup Hustle Live

Voice Your Value(s) to Build Your Personal or Professional Brand

Patent Approaches and Intellectual Property

6 Smart Tips To Run Your Small Business Remotely and Keep it Safe from Hackers

Building a Referral-Based Business

DISC- Do You Understand Your People? Keys to Managing Them More Efficiently

DIY Web Hosting: Don't Fear The Template

How They Built It!: How Some of Kansas City's Top Leaders Grew Their Businesses

How to Lose Your Job, Follow Your Passion and Create Your Own Vital Nonprofit

Strategic Customer Care: Make Sure Your Customer Service Team Can Manage Any Situation

The Perfect Elevator Pitch: Learn to Tell Your Perfect Story

The Visual Business Plan: An Expressive Way to Creating a Workable Plan for Your Business' Future

Becoming the Lion: Gain a Competitive Edge with Custom Solutions for Your Business

Creative Thinking for Solopreneurs: From Idea to Implementation

Even If You Hate Social Media, Learn Why Its Important for Your Business

Export Essentials: Trade Experts Reveal How You Can Leverage Local Resources to Grow Your Business Globally

Grant Prep Bootcamp: How to Write and Apply for Grants

How to Manage Stress like a Boss with 3 Key Techniques

Motivated Marketing: How to Find Customers When You Hate Sales

Steps To Production: How To Get Your Sewn Products From Idea To Launch

The Deciding Factor: Tips and Techniques to Make Better Decisions

Are you an effective leader?: How Are You Adapting to Shifting Environments, Responsibilities and People

Mission Over Money: How to Grow When Your Business is a Ministry

Now That You Are Earning, Are You Protected?: Understand Business Fraud and How It Affects Your Bottom Line

So You Wanted to Be Fabulous? Fragrance Designer Workshop

What the Heck Actually Works Today in Social Media

You Have a Logo. Do You Need a Brand?

AltCap Your Biz: Closing the Deal Pitch Competition

Secret Strategies of Successful Women Startups

Building Your Business With Your Exit in Mind

Giving Presentations that Move People

How to Rock your Solo Biz

Mindfulness at Work: How Cultivating Attention and Awareness Can Help Your Team

Stress, Anxiety and the Startup Entrepreneur: How Meditation and Chair Yoga Can Help You Reboot

The BUZZING Benefits of BEEing Organized at Work and Home

The Secret to Multiplying Your Business Using Funnels

After Hours Networking: Talk With Business Owners of All Different Levels and Sizes

Business of Entrepreneurship 101

Effectively Leveraging Technology and Automation in Your Startup

How a Few Minutes of Chair Yoga and Meditation Can Help You Reboot

Marketing When You Have Nothing To Say

Shhhh! How Listening Makes the Loudest Impact

Solve and Evolve with Your Partners at Knoll: Help Your Business and Team Stand out from the Competition

The Basics of Coworking: Everything You Need to Know

AltCap Your Biz: Closing the Deal Happy Hour

4 Business Analytics Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

How to Self-Publish Your Book

Make It Your Own: Finding a Niche Market

The Ultimate Leap: Forming a Business Without a Plan

4 Tips to Help You Create a Blog That Can Help Grow Your Business Right Now

Creating Training Programs for Small Businesses

Fundamentals of Starting a Food Business

Get the Word Out and Share Your Business's Story: Key Strategies for Press Releases and Media Relations

Spice and Season, Oh my! Oh my! The Magical World Hillbilly Grilling

The Key to Closing: Master How to Ask Better Questions

Connecting with Purpose: How Networking Can Grow Your Organization, Fast!

Crisis Communication and Planning: Strategies You Can Use

Diners, Drive-Ins and Deep Dives: Making Data Work for Your Food Business

Don’t Call Their Baby Ugly! Sales Questioning For Entrepreneurs

How Happy Food Co. Turned a Passion for Food into a Business

Leveraging Video for Your Brand on a Bootstrapped Budget

Love Your Talent: How to Get What You Need from Your Creative Employees

The Connection: Where Bookkeeping and Taxes Meet

Turning Passion Into Profit

Building a Ridiculously Successful Company Culture

Combine Podcasting, Influencer Status, and Passion to Build an Online Business and Change Lives Across the Globe

Come Sit Next to Me: Solving Conflicts with Candor and Grace

Having Trouble Getting Financed?: Avoid Common Pitfalls and Set Yourself Up for Funding

Women Owned Restaurants: How Do We Fund Them in KC?

You’ve Got Your Next Round of Funding; Now What? How to Build Your Brand and Grow Revenue

Wine and 'Say Cheez': Update Your Photo and Network with Creative Minds

Artisans Abroad: How Export Markets Can Open Doors for Your Creative Business

Getting Started with Google Ads

Giving Back As A Business Model

How to Build an Internship Program That Works for You ... And Why You Should

Sit Still. Move Faster: Add Rocket Fuel to Your Day Through Meditation

The Lazy Person's Guide to Content Creation for Food Businesses

Brewed in Lee’s Summit: LS Microbrews Share All

GEWKC Funding Showcase: Fund Your Business When Venture Capital Isn't an Option

How the Sauce Gets on the Shelf: Getting Your Food Product in a Store

Scaling Up: What Does it Take? A Pragmatic Look

The Funding Puzzle: Presented by UMKC's E-Scholars OpenAccess

What's Love Got To Do With Your Business: How Marriages, Partnerships and Family Factor In

A Founder's Failure: Stories of Pivots, SNAFUs and Hard Lessons Learned

Conquer for Good: What to Do with Empathy

Ecosystems in Color: The Case for Diverse Ecosystem Builders

Food Business Makes the Economy Go 'round Happy Hour

Helping Early-Stage Entrepreneurs Solve Tough Challenges.

How to Prepare to Do Business with Corporations

Marketing Impact: How Leading Brands Grow

5 Effective Ways to Pitch Your Business to the Media

Gain Access to Funding

Social ESHIP in KC: Learn the Fundamentals of Purpose + Profit

What Entity Type Is Right for My Small Business?

Your Social Battle Plan: Creating an Effective Editorial Calendar and Content Strategy

5 Gestures of Trust: Connecting Customer Experience to Increased Revenue

Creative Nerdery: Bringing Learning to Life and Business

Patent Issues for Makers and Creators

Social ESHIP in KC: How We Did It

To Kickstart or Not to Kickstart? A Postmortem

Understanding and Dealing with the Professional Negotiator

Being Authentic: A Look at Diversity and Inclusion in the Plant Based Food Industry

Hiring Top Young Talent

How to Create Content Your Audience Craves

How to Make Compelling Blog Photos with Your Phone

Social ESHIP in KC: Network in the Neighborhood

The Last Prospecting Plan You’ll Ever Need

Growth and Expansion Opportunities for Women and Minority Entrepreneurs: An Interise StreetWise ‘MBA’™ Curriculum Crash Course

Post-GEW Processing: Ideas, Connections, and Goals ... Oh MY!

Print and Press Your Own T Shirt Like a Boss

Social ESHIP in KC: Business Models That Work (For Good)

Building Company Vision: Sharing Your Vision With Those Tasked to Implement It

Simplify Your Visibility Strategy: A Step-by-Step Workshop

Social ESHIP in KC: What’s Next?

GEWKC Wrap-Up Celebration: The Most Informative Party You’ll Ever Attend (sponsored by Husch Blackwell)

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