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Shatto Home Delivery and TerraManus: Innovating Age-old Industries

By Kyle Smith | Mar 24, 2017

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Matt Shatto
Shatto Home Delivery & TerraManus 
Osborn, Missouri | Innovation-Led

The Shatto family has farmed just north of Kansas City, Missouri, for more than 100 years.  Some 90 years ago, they began raising and milking cattle. And in 2003, they began processing their own milk on the farm.

Matt Shatto was born into this family of farmers and entrepreneurs, and was taught to do business the same way his family always has.

His family tradition instilled in him a pursuit for high quality products and a standard to always be honest and transparent. The family’s entrepreneurial tradition lent him the drive to not just survive as a businessman, but to innovate. 

In 2015, Matt started Shatto Home Delivery because he saw an opportunity to help other local farmers and entrepreneurs grow their businesses too. Shatto Home Delivery is bringing the milkman back, with an innovative twist. Instead of just bringing quarts of cold, fresh milk to your door, the Shatto milkman also brings locally sourced foods, including coffees, fresh herbs, whole wheat bread and KC strip steaks. 

“Shatto Home Delivery makes shopping from locally owned businesses simple and convenient,” explains Matt. “Our website gives customers access to more top quality local options than any single store ever could. It’s also a great benefit to our valued suppliers who now have access to a roving marketplace, our trucks.”

Today, over 7,000 Kansas Citians and 25 local suppliers use Shatto Home Delivery. Shopping locally will never be the same.

Another day on the farm

In 2015, Matt took his experience in the agriculture industry and understanding of how to innovate age-old industries to a new company, TerraManus.  Matt along with his partners, Gregg Whittaker and Landon Young, are excited to be bringing TerraManus alive right here in the Kansas City region.

TerraManus is a soil conditioning and cropping systems development company that, after eight years of scientific research, is ready to take their product to market. Their patented TerraStar® technology attaches behind a planter or other implement and optimizes soil conditions for a more robust growing environment relying on less water and nitrates.  The results have shown this technology is the reconciling link between competing economic and environmental interests.

The TerraStar® technology shows promising results in the laboratory. These results were confirmed when TerraManus teamed with researches at Purdue University and the producers of Red Gold Tomatoes.

“We saw even higher yields than expected in Indiana, and have seen tremendous sales just weeks after announcing our product is available,” explains Matt. “Our goal is to penetrate the tomato market domestically to prove the concept, then leverage the technology to solve some of the world’s biggest problems.”   

Increasing yields for commercial farmers is a worthy goal. But it’s just the start for Matt and the TerraManus team, who want to get their technology into the hands of subsistence farmers around the world.

“When a farmer with a mule and a plow is able to grow more food without putting in more work, that feeds their family, improves their living condition and gives them the opportunity to pursue other entrepreneurial endeavors.”

Matt and his team believe they have a truly disruptive technology that will not only help feed people everywhere, it is also a responsible use of nature’s limited resources and a way for many to become more productive and hopefully assist them in moving out of poverty.

“All of this is possible with the same set of values that we hold dear at my family’s farm. A solid product and a commitment to honesty, coupled with a thirst for innovation.  Every farmer knows that in order to succeed, you must give more than you take.”  

Matt works to instill these principles in the budding entrepreneurs he has mentored, both as a leader in the Enterprise Center in Johnson County’s Power of Two and the Regnier Institute’s Entrepreneurship Scholars program at the University of Missouri–Kansas City.

“My family has known for over a hundred years that Kansas City is a great place to grow: as a farmer, a business owner and a person. We see so many industries succeed here, and entrepreneurs are able to build their dreams, because this community cares about each other and so many have come together to make life better for all of us.” 

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