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Test Your Business Idea in Kansas City's Newest Startup Class

By Kyle Smith | Sep 06, 2017 |

Test Your Business Idea in Kansas City's Newest Startup Class

Many of us have business ideas in our heads and no idea how (or what it takes) to make it a reality. “There is so much opportunity in business for wealth and success. Folks see it, but don’t know how best to take the first step.”

That’s Quest Taylor, founder of one of our newest resource partners, Project United Knowledge. Project UK is a startup studio that specializes in integrating tech into young businesses. “We are passionate about helping traditionally marginalized communities, namely minorities and women, get their businesses started the right way.”

That’s why Quest and his team launched CO.STARTERS™, a hands-on business validation class, in the heart of Kansas City, Missouri. “This class is for anyone who wants to take the business idea that keeps them up at night and turn it into a money-generating and passion-driven venture.”

>>>>>Enough said? CO.STARTERS begins in early October and you can apply right now.   

CO.STARTERS meets weekly, in the evening, and will take you step-by-step through the lean canvas model. “We want you to leave knowing if your business is feasible. If over the course of the nine weeks, you learn that your idea isn’t worth the risk—that’s okay. Lesson learned, move onto bigger and better things.”

Here’s what you can expect:

Week 1: Knowing your business
Week 2: Customer persona, brand identity, testing assumptions
Week 3: Marketing, knowing your customer, advertise, messaging
Week 4: Distribution, revenue streams, pricing, costs
Week 5: Business structure
Week 6: Start up costs, variable & fixed costs, break even
Week 7: Sales projections, cash flows
Week 8: Raising capital, business plan, goal setting
Week 9: Graduation, telling your business startup story

“CO.STARTERS is about connecting the dots. A cool tech product or strong social media presence isn’t going to take you very far unless you have the business to back it up.” That’s why Project UK has enlisted experienced entrepreneurs and business-building experts from across the metro to help guide the first cohort, including facilitators Nicola Price and Matthew Farmer.  

>>>>>Are you interested in becoming a mentor for Project UK’s CO.STARTERS? Apply now.

CO.STARTERS is right for you if you’re in the idea stage, or the early stage of your business. And applying is easy, you need a well-articulated description of the product or service you offer (or plan on offering) as well as a description of your consumer, client, or target audience.

“When you finish CO.STARTERS, you’ll know if you have a business stud or a dud. And you’ll be ready to take the next step on your entrepreneurial journey.” Project UK is taking special care to make sure that this first cohort feels well informed and connected within Kansas City’s startup ecosystem. And even offers a follow up nine-month program focused on integrating tech into the business.

“We are determined to help expose and empower the great ideas waiting in the wings of Kansas City. Being an entrepreneur is about building health, wealth and hope in a community. That’s what drives us.”

If you’re interested in joining the first ever cohort of CO.STARTERS, apply now. “Together we can build a better Kansas City (and world) for all of us. That’s what United Knowledge means.”

This is close to what I need, but not quite. What else do you have for budding entrepreneurs?

Glad you asked. As the go-to for KC entrepreneurship, we can plug you into the right course, mentor, organization or group for your small business, startup, side hustle or idea in the making.

Just give us a call at 816-235-6500 or fill out your request over here at We’ll develop a personalized action plan to help connect with resources and opportunities, so you can hit that next milestone.

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