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The A.M. Shift: Get (Free) Help Growing Your Business from Experts

By Kyle Smith | Aug 29, 2017 |

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So much is important when you’re starting or growing a business in Kansas City. Making a good first impression and getting customers are about as vital as they come.

Think about it—to rise above the competition you must impress from the word go. And no business has ever survived without customers bringing money and adoration in the door.

That’s why we chose those topics for our upcoming events, The A.M. Shift, where real-world case studies are paired with actionable roundtables. Grab your calendar, you don’t want to miss these (free) events:

First Impression | Lasting Impression
Friday, September 22
8:30 - 10:30 a.m.
Eastern Jackson County: Mid-Continent Public Library, Independence Branch

Customer Acquisition
Friday, September 29
8:30 - 10:30 a.m.
Johnson County – Plexpod

As an entrepreneur and business owner, your time is valuable. That’s why we are packing these two hours with powerful networking, useful information and impactful learning (we’re talking action plans, people!) that you can use right away to steer your business in the right direction.

Here’s the gameplan: we'll start with presentations from actual business owners (more on them in a second), who will lead you through real-world case studies. Next, we'll break out into business roundtables, where you'll work with other business owners and business-building resources to refine your approach. (Have you RSVP’d yet? Do it.)

We’re so excited to introduce you to our presenting entrepreneurs. These two are the cream of the crop:

The A.M. Shift Laura SchmidtStuart Ludlow on Funding for Startups

Laura Schmidt is the perfect person to kick off our discussion on making good first impressions. Not only does she have more than 20 years experience navigating large corporations, she is also the founder of notes to self®, a sock company that makes certain you start your day on the right foot. Each notes to self® sock is emblazoned with a positive affirmation. Who better to start your A.M. with than Laura!

Stuart Ludlow is a serial entrepreneur with a true knack for solving tough problems for his customers. His current company RFP365 makes the request for proposal process easier for all parties involved. The company closed a one million dollar round of seed funding in 2015, which if you know anything about wooing investors, doesn’t happen without knowing EVERYTHING about your customers.

Want to get a headstart on these upcoming A.M. Shifts? Here are a couple of videos to check out and questions to ask yourself in preparation:


How do you introduce yourself now? Before we take a deep dive into compelling hellos, take some time to investigate your current technique. Knowing how you carry yourself, and why you make the decisions you do, is the first step to a better hello.

What are your strengths as a communicator? We don’t all have to be as smooth as Bugs Bunny or as cute and clever as Stewie Griffin to make a good first impression. Getting it right is about being confident and knowing the value you bring to the table.   


How much do you really know about your customers? Businesses solve problems for their customers. If you don’t know everything there is to know about your customer’s problem and their day-to-day, you’re practically inviting your competitors to swoop in and steal your business.

What are your customers worth to your business? Knowing how much your customers will spend with you over the lifetime of the relationship will allow you to budget for and make so many other pivotal decisions in your business like how much to spend on a marketing campaign and whether or not you should expand your product offerings.

Quick, while your brain is still churning away, register for The A.M. Shift events on Friday September 22 and 29. This is an unique opportunity to work through these questions and many more with your peers and business-building experts from around the region.

Thank you to our regional resource partners for helping us make this happen: Grain Valley Partnership, Grandview Chamber and EDC, Ennovation Center and the SBTDC–Jackson County Extension

Do you have questions about our upcoming events? Give us a call at 816-235-6500 and we’ll get you squared away and ready to grow your business at The A.M. Shift!

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