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10 Reasons to Submit an Event to Global Entrepreneurship Week

By Jenny Miller | Jul 12, 2017

Get ready to showcase your expertise and awesomeness during the biggest celebration of entrepreneurship—Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEWKC). 

We’re crowd sourcing events. GEWKC is November 13—17, but event submissions are due by Friday, August 18. If you’re interested in throwing your hat (talent and devotion) into the ring, go submit your event now.  

This is the 10th anniversary of everyone’s favorite yearly celebration of the art, craft and splendor of business-making. It’s going to be better than ever, but only with your help.If you need a bit more prodding, that’s cool too. Here are 10 reasons you should submit an event to Global Entrepreneurship Week:

Get in front of 1000s

There were more than 12,000 attendees at GEWKC in 2016. This is a prime opportunity to get your business in front of startups, established businesses and those interested in entrepreneurship.

KC entrepreneurs need you

We know your head and heart are jam packed with knowledge and insight—share your expertise. One for all and all for one!

It’s hassle free

You do the fun part (imagining your event and gathering your talent) and we’ll do the tactical stuff (getting a venue and setting the schedule). Yeah, it’s that easy.

Meet like-minded business pros

GEWKC is broken into four tracks: makers and creators, youth entrepreneurship, business growth and business services. You’re sure to make great connections.

Give back to #startupKC

Someone helped you at one time or another. GEWKC is an easy way to give back and support the startup scene in Kansas City.

>>>We still have five more reasons, but if you’re ready, don’t wait, submit.

Be a part of the 10th anniversary of GEW

Who doesn’t like to celebrate—after all, you’ve worked hard! We’re planning some big headline events. We’re not ready to announce yet, but trust us, you’ll be in great company.

Show off your creativity

All ideas are welcomed and encouraged. Individual speakers and presenters, panels and workshops all work well. This is your chance to spice up the scene

Add your voice to the conversation around entrepreneurship

What do Kansas City entrepreneurs need to pay attention to (learn or care about)? Let us know, better yet - let them know!

Bring your crew into the #startupKC family

If you know folks who need to be involved in the entrepreneurial community but aren’t yet, #GEWKC is a great way to get started!

It’s gonna be fun!

Enough said.

Why you should submit an event to Global Entrepreneurship Week

Why you should submit an event to Global Entrepreneurship Week (Nov. 13-17) Get your friends in on the action—share, share, share!

Posted by KCSourceLink on Tuesday, July 11, 2017


If you’re interested in supporting #GEWKC, but events aren’t your thing, consider being a sponsor or volunteering your time. Anything and everything helps!

It’s time to get the word out. Event submissions are due August 18. If you know anyone who needs to be involved with GEWKC, share this blog post. And don’t hesitate to reach out with questions at this link.

Help us make Global Entrepreneurship Week 2017 the best yet. We need you!

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