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Take a Ride on the KCSourceLink Resource Rail

By Sarah Mote | Jun 13, 2017 |
KCSourceLink Resource Rail, business resources for small business

Inventors and entrepreneurs, startups and scalers, what do you do when you have an idea that you're ripe and ready to grow? It helps to have a little help along the way.

That's why we mapped the entrepreneurial resources in Kansas City that are ready to take you from inception to exit. Kansas City, welcome to your Resource Rail.

KCSourcelink Resource Rail


KCSourceLink connects a network of hundreds of business-building organizations in the 18-county Kansas City region to the aspiring and existing business owners that need their services. Our mission is to help small businesses grow and prosper by providing easy, one-stop access to needed resources. 

That is why KCSourceLink should be your first stop when you’re ready to start or grow a business in the Kansas City region—and why you should stop back often.


KCSourceLink’s Resource Rail is your map to entrepreneurial experts across our region who are ready to help your business start and grow, whether you’re just launching a company or ready to scale it, whether you’re leading an innovation-led business or a Main Street retail icon.


KCSourceLink also looks at gaps in the entrepreneurial ecosystem and works with our Resource Partners to address those needs and bring programs, capital and other collaborations to Kansas City that will help our entrepreneurs and economy grow. Entrepreneurs and business owners can access the entire network with our Resource Navigator


When you’re ready to connect with resources on the Resource Rail, call our hotline at 816-235-6500  (answered by real people) or visit our Resource Navigator (open 24/7/365) to find the resource you need right now. (And to queue up the ones you’ll need as you grow.)

For further tricks, tips, inspiration, entrepreneurs and events, visit our blog (you're soaking in it!), Entrepreneurs in Action, Shop Local map and comprehensive business calendar.


How does the Resource Rail work? Just choose your line below and follow it on the Rail to find the resources ready to help you start and grow your business through all four stages: inception, proof of concept, rollout and expansion.

Follow this line if you’re a tech or high-growth company. These companies form around a new technology or breakthrough process that has the potential for a very large market, and probably beyond the immediate region. These businesses go through the same stages as other startups, but often at a faster pace. And they sometimes need assistance with proof of concept, pitching for equity investments and building leadership teams.

Find more resources for innovation-led companies here.

Follow this line if you have a brick-and-mortar store: think restaurants, coffee shops, dry cleaners, retailers. These companies have employees, need operations support and are typically focused on sales—on getting customers in the door and getting them to come back. Other challenges include cash flow and funding.

Find more resources for Main Street businesses here.

Follow this line if you’re starting small, but have big dreams. Companies in this category require little capital to launch. Most are focused around the owner’s personal expertise—consulting, design, lawn care—and they may not require a physical location. Online businesses and solopreneurs also fall into this group.

> Find more resources for microenterprises here.

Follow this line if you’ve survived the startup phase and you’re ready to scale. Second-stage firms have enough employees to exceed the comfortable control span of one owner and benefit from adding professional managers. A business typically enters second stage when it approaches $1 million in total receipts and can be in any industry. 

Find more resources for second-stage firms here.

Follow this line if funding is your goal. From inception to expansion, the Money Line takes you through the Kansas City resources that help fund businesses, from equity to debt and every stop in between.

>Dive even deeper into funding sources for your business here

Want a conductor to guide you on the Resource Rail?

Happy to do it! Send us some info here about your business and we will be in touch ASAP with your personalized action plan, a step-by-step guide of the resources you need right now. All aboard

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Choose your entrepreneur type.

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