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KCSourceLink 2014 Year in Review

KCSourceLink 2014 Year in Review

Each year, KCSourceLink reports out key information about what's happening with startups and small business in the metro area. The numbers reported are pulled from hotline calls, emails, online Resource Navigator searches, and web visits.

Top 5 Requests for Assistance

Here's the kind of help KC entrepreneurs asked for most in 2014. 

1. Startup assistance
2. Financial resources
3. Business planning
4. Marketing/sales
5. Regulatory compliance

Top 5 Client Outcomes

Nearly three-quarters of businesses that contact us are thinking about starting a business. Another quarter are already established and shopping for ways to improve and grow. After talking with our counselors, here's what our clients decided to do.

1. Decided to go into business.
2. Solved an operational problem.
3. Improved business operations.
4. Made changes in their business.
5. Actually started a business.

Top 5 Website Pages

In 2014, we had nearly 180,000 visits to our website. These top five pages brought in more than 350,000 pageviews.

1. Forms of Business Organization
2. Battle of the Brands
3. Business Calendar
4. Resource Navigator
5. Global Entrepreneurship Week

Top 5 Blog Posts

We wrote hundreds of blog posts last year about tips and trends to help Kansas City's small business entrepreneurs. Here are the top 5 blog posts that resonated most with our readers.

1. How to Put a Value on Your Startup
2. Nominate your business for Battle of the Brands
3. Pitches Gone Wild: How NOT to Pitch Your Startup to Investors
4. How and Where to Shop Local during the Holidays
5. Effective Management Strategies for Starting Your Business

Top 5 Entrepreneurs in Action

This year, we launched Entrepreneurs in Action, a spinoff of our WeCreateKC report that let us share the diverse stories of KC entrepreneurship. Here are the top 5 entrepreneurial stories.

1. Indigo Wild: "Any more natural and you’d be naked."
2. 8183 Studios: A Glimpse behind the Camera
3. SwimZip: Diving Head First into the Shark Tank
4. Red Nova Labs: How They Won the Third Battle of the Brands
5. Fusion Fitness: Fit for Business


Click the link to read our full 2014 Year in Review.

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