Feeling Stuck? Here’s How KCSourceLink Can Help Move Your Business Forward (for Free)

Feeling Stuck? Here’s How KCSourceLink Can Help Move Your Business Forward (for Free)

OK, so there might be a reason or two you landed on this blog (and they’re all good ones).

1. You’ve got a great business idea, but aren’t sure where to turn next to take that first (or next) step.

2. You’ve got a newer business but have that hurdle that’s been keeping you from moving forward.

3. You’re ready to scale but aren’t sure what you need to get there.

4. Or maybe you just need some extra business help.

No matter what your entrepreneurial-centered roadblock, question or desire, there are low- and no-cost resources and help that we can connect you to … 230+ resources in the KC metro, to be exact. We know them all, and we’re happy to help make an introduction for you so you can get the help you need. That means we can save you the headache, heartache and endless dead-end online searches to make sure you land on the exact right resource that can help you reach your next milestone.

And that’s just part of what we do here at KCSourceLink. Here’s the full buffet of our services you can sample to move your business forward.

Advance your business

First off, get your custom set of next (or first) steps.
Just tell us what you need here or call us at 816-235-6500 to get your personalized checklist of the nonprofit organizations in KC (there are over 230) that help entrepreneurs like you. We’ll connect you with the experts who can help you move forward. Remember, KCSourceLink services are free!

Stay in the loop and sign up for our newsletter.
Subscribe to our newsletter to learn about the latest opportunities, get expert business tips on topics you care about and find a little inspiration from Kansas City entrepreneur stories of success and how the resources in KC helped them reach the next stage.

Check out our easy-to-use database of Kansas City’s 230+ Resource Partners.
If you’d like to do some digging on your own (if you ask for your Personal Action Plan, we’ll do this for you), The Resource Navigator® online directory lets you search more than 240+ business resource organizations in the KC metro to see which might help you reach that next milestone.

Explore our guides on starting and growing a business, funding and innovation.
Ready to dig in and do a little reading and get a little bit of help for your next steps while you wait for that Personal Action Plan? Dive into our guides to understand more about what you’ll need to start a business, grow your business, understand funding and explore what innovative tech and science companies need to know.

Download your ebook for hiring, starting a business, creating a tech company and more.

Join the metro’s largest celebration of entrepreneurship.
Global Entrepreneurship Week – Kansas City kicks off Nov. 14-20 for 2022. Join the celebration in-person and virtually for a week of learning, connections and fun. Global Entrepreneurship Week happens in 170 countries every November, and we, KCSourceLink, organize GEWKC, one of the world’s biggest celebrations, right here in Kansas City.

Explore the KC region’s most comprehensive business calendar.
See what’s happening in the KC region, and share your business events on the KCSourceLink Calendar, the region’s most comprehensive listing of business training, workshops and networking happenings.

Explore entrepreneur resources on the Resource RailTM ecosystem map.
pick your track and hop aboard the Resource RailTM ecosystem map to plan your entrepreneurial journey and see which Resource Partners can help you business along the way.

Champion entrepreneurship

Use KC’s self-built directory of local businesses.
Search for local small businesses or give the businesses you work with more visibility with the BuyKC local business directory to help bolster our local economies.

We monitor entrepreneurship with research on jobs and capital.
How many jobs do startups create in the KC region and how do they affect the economy? Who funds KC companies and who gets funded? How can corporations, universities and entrepreneurs better work together to advance KC entrepreneurship? Explore our We Create KC reports and uncover insights on jobs, capital and corporate engagement.

We convene all players in entrepreneurship to spark new ideas and make new connections.
Through convenings of key players in entrepreneurship, like policymakers, CEOs, entrepreneurial service organizations, funders, community leaders and others, we further conversations around how to better support small business owners and fill gaps in services with new opportunities.

Know a fellow entrepreneur who needs help?
The KC entrepreneur community is one big family, and we’ll help connect those you know who need help to the resources they need. Again, you can reach us during business hours Monday through Friday at 816-235-6500 and anytime at kcsourcelink.com/myplan.

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