Meet the 10 KC Startups That Will Pitch for $25K in Startup Competition

Meet the 10 KC Startups That Will Pitch for $25K in Startup Competition

Ten Kansas City companies are among the 30 startups competing in the Get Started Omaha pitch competition, hosted by Husch Blackwell.

The 30 startups, which have raised less than $1 million in funding, represent five industry tracks that include health care and education; manufacturing, transportation and logistics; food and agriculture; energy, natural resources and real estate; and technology and financial services. The pitch competition will see six of those companies take home a $25,000 prize and a cash boost for their growth. And for you? The competition gives investors and the entrepreneurship community a chance to get an up-close look at 30 regional startups that have gained traction in the market.

So bring your rally hats and KC spirit and let’s cheer them on. The pitch competition will be hosted in person and virtually on April 6. Register for free at

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Let’s meet the KC startups:

Air Traffic Awareness provides an in-flight streamlined user interface for pilots to prevent any risk of collision.

AZELLA Advisor takes answers from a series of questions to create your logo, colors, imagery, audience and key message (your brand), then website. Advisors set up social media, CRM and targeted campaigns with the click of a button.

DataSource LLC allows e-commerce sellers to reduce carbon emissions, cost, and increase coverage.

Diversity Telehealth is a platform that solves the real problem of no-shows for both patients and physicians.

InvestXYZ embeds a real-world high-tech project into each core course that every kid has to take.

Love Lifesciences LLC is a medical device company developing a series of patent pending injection safety devices to improve the patient experience when self-administered injection medications are required for care

MD MatchUp is the matchmaking app for healthcare and focuses the Find-a-Doc search around patients seeking complementary providers.

Particle Space is creating the fastest way to build real estate technology by providing software developers pre-built customizable templates to quickly build apps off of.

SaRA (Strength and Resilience Assistant) Health gives musculoskeletal providers a way to provide “PT-light” to impact larger populations in both a preventative and rehab setting.

SeeInMe Instant Connector cards employ NFC technology and QR codes to ensure instant access to a vulnerable person’s Personality Profile to ensure continuity of care.

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