MD HomeCare Brings the Doctor to You and Their Business to a New Level

MD HomeCare Brings the Doctor to You and Their Business to a New Level

MD HomeCare at 1 Million Cups Kansas City
We teamed up with 1 Million Cups, a weekly entrepreneurial showcase and networking event hosted at the Kauffman Foundation, to help celebrate Black History Month by featuring African American founders each week in February. Enjoy this deep dive with Cristina Betts, owner of MD HomeCare and ScaleUP! KC alumna:

Cristina Betts is used to having a doctor in the house, her mom is an MD. Many could benefit from having a primary care physician knock on their front door. That is exactly why just a few years ago, Cristina left her job as an IT consultant to go into business with her mother, Dr. Joahn Hall.

“My mother has run MD HomeCare business for 17 years, ever since we saw firsthand how difficult it can be for homebound patients to get the care they need after my daycare provider at the time grew ill.”

This hands-on approach and business model have proven quite successful. During her 1 Million Cups presentation, Cristina shared her growth plans, “In the next few years, we want to expand outside of Kansas City and take this approach into new markets.”  

Those are audacious goals. Cristina is confident she can reach them thanks in part to the coaching and education she received in the ScaleUP! Kansas City program.

“It completely changed everything for me, as a business owner and entrepreneur. ScaleUP! KC informed me how to run MD Home Care, and our plans to expand.”

To better understand how Cristina arrived on the #1MCKC stage, let’s travel back to when she first started ScaleUP! KC.

When ScaleUP! KC is just the medicine your business needs

MD HomeCare Brings the Doctor to You and Their Business to a New LevelCristina admits that she was a little intimidated when she started ScaleUP! KC.

“I thought other business owners would be ahead of me. But ScaleUP! KC took us all at ground zero and took us to 110. I really appreciate them for holding our hands through that process.”

It turns out that business owners, like patients, just want to feel cared for. And encouraged, guided and challenged. “The education is incredible, it’s very tangible. We were able to work through our issues as we aligned all of our marketing strategies and future plans with our vision.”

One of the first steps toward that vision was growing the team.

“We hired a full-time nurse practitioner, which has been huge. ScaleUP! KC helped us identify that we have the need to grow our team and we can support that need. We’ve already grown our patient base as a result of this decision.”

Adding a new provider also frees up Cristina to direct and grow the business, which she did right away in rolling out a new chronic care management program.

“We encourage our patients to take control of their health and keep their wellness in the forefront of their mind. It’s been a big value add for them, and for our business as an additional revenue stream.” 

The connections Cristina made during ScaleUP! KC continue to pay off as well, “The networking and learning opportunities that I received from ScaleUP! KC were priceless. I am still in contact with many of the educators, as well as my classmates.”

MD HomeCare is a healthy business and continues to grow

Each 1 Million Cups presentation ends the same way, with a question, “What can we as a community do to help you?”

Cristina’s reply won’t come as a complete surprise. To reach her growth goals, she needs to continue to build out her team.

“We’re looking for a practice manager and a marketing manager. We’re also looking for someone that specializes in or has experience in expansion of a primary care practice.”

If Cristina learned one thing from ScaleUP! KC, it was the power of building out an unstoppable team and aiming high.

“Our goals are big, but we know our heart is in the right place.”

Does your business need a check up?

Whether you need a general business practitioner or a specialist, we can help you connect with the resources you need. Send us some info here and we will send you your Personalized Action Plan. It’s like a prescription, for your business.  
Cristina Betts MD HomeCare LLC

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