Tips on Scaling Your Business from a $40 Million Entrepreneur

Tips on Scaling Your Business from a $40 Million Entrepreneur

Tip on Scaling Your Business from a $40 Million Entrepreneur
Chitchat and chuckles took over any available space left from the standing-room only crowd at the WeWork Corrigan Station on this cold, winter night. The high-energy crowd of 100+ entrepreneurs came to this Twenty30CEO event in anticipation of Alex Brown, co-founder of the Dollar Beard Club, and yielder of keen insights on “How Dollar Beard Club Grew to $40 Million in 2 Years.”

Eze Redwood, host and founder of Twenty30CEO, wanted to test something out with everyone this evening. Bring in a speaker, make the event FREE and gauge if value-added events (paying after) could work. Based on the knowledge that Alex shared on scaling your business, I suspect it worked:

Turn heads and plan in advance.  Invest in video marketing. Make it funny or engaging so people remember it.

>>>>> Search the keyword “Marketing/Sales” on our comprehensive business calendar to see events where you can learn and hone your skills. 

Build an email list; you need relationships. Sale something on your site for someone else and help build your funnel by being diverse.

>>>>>This is great advice, that we’re going to act on right away—sign up for our newsletter for the latest from KC’s entrepreneurial community (including great content like this.) 

Hire a content team. Spend time finding the right people to make sure it’s done right and the information is valuable.

>>>>>Are you ready to hire? Download our free ebook on hiring to see best practices and organizations that can help ease the process. 

Create a strong brand cult around your product. Figure out how to get the masses to pay for your product.

>>>>>Visit our Learning Center to learn more about finding the right market for your product or service. 

Create business systems and blueprints. Document as you go along with what works and doesn’t work so you’re not recreating each time or making the same mistakes.

>>>>>Another great way to avoid mistakes is to learn from others who have been there, done that. Check out these wide-ranging Kansas City networking opportunities

Retain the attention of customers. Focus on creating exclusive content, for members only. Create advertising journeys—video one, video two, etc.

>>>>>You can’t have a business without customers. If you’re still in the concept phase, make sure your business plan outlines your marketing plan and how you will attract and retain customers. 

Capture leads and capture funnels. Create value ladders. Use break-even points as a way to make offers then up sale after that.

>>>>>If you don’t have a sales strategy, you don’t have anything. Remember to consider international sales as you make your plan.  

Retain engagement & customer communities. Prioritize people’s attention, provide value and get them to come back because you stay on top of your outreach efforts.

>>>>>One great way to get the type of attention you want is to win, everything. See our list of competitions and awards

Never have the expectation that things will go viral. Create something strategic so it’s more calculated and has a target audience.

>>>>>Unfortunately, your marketing has to entail more than just puppies and kitties (pun intended). Browse our blog for helpful tips (and to see a content marketing strategy in action). 

Check with your local colleges/high schools for help. You might be able to find students who can be creative for a business (and at a lower cost). 

>>>>>As a matter of fact, we have exactly what you’re looking for. Visit the Resource Navigator and search CAPS to see a high school program in your neck of the woods that does just that. 

Next steps to scale your business

If you have any questions regarding marketing (or any other business-related topics), send us some info here and KCSourceLink will be in touch ASAP with your personalized action plans that includes the resources and connections you need to move forward with confidence.

Photo credit: Alanah O’Connor (Eighty80 Rule)

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