How Digital Sandbox Helps Entrepreneurs Thrive Across Kansas City

How Digital Sandbox Helps Entrepreneurs Thrive Across Kansas City

Digital Sandbox KC Annual Report 2017
Digital Sandbox KC is teaming up with cities across the metro to expand into new areas and markets. Through partnerships with the cities of Olathe, Kansas, and Independence and St. Joseph, Missouri, the Sandbox program offers project funding and coworking space for entrepreneurs in those cities. Here are a few of the companies who have found their start in the Sandbox program in their city:

LivestockLens Taps the Olathe Sandbox

How Digital Sandbox Helps Entrepreneurs Thrive Across Kansas City

LivestockLens uses artificial intelligence technologies to automatically monitor food intake by cattle in feedlots, offering a cheaper and more accurate way of monitoring weight gain and reducing the number of animals who get sick.

In addition to project development funds from the Sandbox, LivestockLens gained access to professional coworking space at the Kansas State University Olathe campus.

>>>>>Learn more about the Olathe program.

Drones4Hire Takes Off in Independence

How Digital Sandbox Helps Entrepreneurs Thrive Across Kansas City

The Drones4Hire online platform simplifies the process of requesting and hiring FAA licensed drone pilots. Founder Cory Mullins works with more than 560 FAA licensed drone pilots specializing in construction, real estate, agriculture and more.

The partnership with Independence provides Cory and the Drones4Hire team with coworking space at the Ennovation Center in Independence and support through the business incubator’s iNtech Growth Program.

>>>>>Learn more about the Independence program.

Toss It Curbside is Ready to Scale in St. Joe

How Digital Sandbox Helps Entrepreneurs Thrive Across Kansas City

Toss It Curbside is using funds from the St. Joseph Sandbox program to optimize app- and web-based functions to help them manage rapid growth and expansion into new markets. In addition to making it easier for people to get rid of unwanted items, Toss It Curbside provides professional removal services for unwanted items and coordinates delivery to local donation or recycle centers, leaving very little for the landfill.

>>>>>Learn more about the St. Joseph program.

Learn more about Digital Sandbox KC

To learn more about the program in 2017, including how many jobs Sandbox companies created and how much follow-on funding they received, check out the full annual report.

Get your business into the Sandbox

Digital Sandbox KC accepts applications on a rolling basis, here. Many concepts that eventually received funding didn’t get it the first time around, so don’t hesitate to get your idea out there to start receiving feedback and guidance.

The next How to Pitch to the Sandbox event is coming up in March, keep your eyes peeled for details. The KCSourceLink newsletter is a great way to keep up to date with everything going on in the entrepreneurial community.

To help prepare for your pitch,check this out:

This is close to what I need, but not quite. What else do you have for early-stage entrepreneurs?

Glad you asked. As the go-to for KC entrepreneurship, we can plug you into the right course, mentor, organization or group for your small business, startup, passion project, side hustle or idea in the making.

Just give us a call at 816-235-6500 or fill out your request over here at We’ll develop a Personalized Action Plan to help connect with resources and opportunities, so you can hit that next milestone.


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